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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder and women with PCOS have irregularity in the menstrual period along with also the clear presence of surplus male hormones (androgens). The illness has been called on account of the locating of enlarged uterus containing a number of tiny cysts (polycystic ovaries). PCOS is also known as Stein-Leventhal syndrome along with polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD).

PCOS is additionally related to insulin resistance, or a diminished capability to work with insulin, also this abnormality can be likely linked to this basis for PCOS.

The clear presence of cysts from the uterus isn’t special for PCOS, due to the fact ladies who don’t have PCOS can have ovarian cysts. Which means existence of cysts isn’t very likely to be the cause of PCOS.

What exactly are the indications of PCOS?

Gynaecologist around the world suggest the following reasons as indicators of PCOS:

PCOS contributes to disruptions from the menstrual period which generally start round the beginning of puberty. Menstrual cycles could possibly be ordinary in first then become intermittent, or even the start of menses could possibly be postponed. The menstrual hazards of PCOS are followed closely by means of a deficiency of ovulation, thus effected women may experience infertility. The urge to get maternity can be an element that inspires most ladies with PCOS to seek medical care.

A rise in the creation of androgens (male hormones) from the uterus at PCOS may possibly result in unwanted hair development in areas indicating a male pattern, also called hirsutism. Thick, pigmented hair progress does occur about the top lip, chin, round the brow, and also on the decrease belly. Surplus androgens may also result in acne breakouts and male pattern balding.

Insulin resistance, fat reduction, and weight problems are additionally typical in PCOS. Researchers have indicated about half of girls who have PCOS have been overweight. Insulin-resistance, followed closely by increased blood levels of insulin, also does occur in the majority of women with PCOS, in addition to their current presence of weight problems.

Females with PCOS also have been documented to possess increased chance of creating form 2 diabetes, and lots of reports have proven irregular blood lipid degrees and elevated heights of C-reactive protein (CRP), also a predictor of both coronary artery disorder. The mixture of obesity form 2 diabetes, increased cholesterol along with LDL levels, and raised CRP levels indicate a larger chance of coronary artery cardiovascular illness in females with PCOS, but this risk hasn’t however been clinically founded.

When to Get Health Treatment for PCOS

Experts recommends to book appointment with gynaecologist in case you’ve got absent or irregular menstrual cycle, excessive or abnormal hair increase, issue in conceiving, or even some one of those additional unpleasant signs of PCOS.

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Treatment for Polycystic ovary syndrome


Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition which is characterized by over production of the androgen testosterone, menstrual abnormalities and enlarged ovaries containing numerous tiny follicles (adrenal gland).

When to Get Health Treatment for PCOS

Consult a gynaecologist in case you’ve not got you have not been getting your menstruations or irregular menstrual cycle, excessive or abnormal hair increase, conceiving problems etc.

Tests and Exams for PCOS

As the identification of PCOS might be signaled with the feature signs or symptoms, some variety of lab evaluations may help ascertain the diagnosis and eliminate other illnesses which might cause the indicators.

Blood tests could possibly be conducted to appraise levels of hormones, like DHEA and testosterone, in addition to gonadotropins (hormones generated from the mind which control creation of hormones at the uterus ).

Even though discovering of warts (modest, fluid-filled sacs) from the uterus isn’t conclusive for PCOS, most influenced women will probably have varicose veins. It’s crucial to mention the clear presence of cysts in the uterus is really a familiar finding in women without having PCOS too. Imaging reports like ultra-sound is used to demo the current presence of cysts in the uterus. Ultrasound employs sound waves to create a graphic of this uterus; the task consists of no radiation vulnerability or stained dyes and also conveys no challenges to your affected person. In a few instances, especially if other illnesses like ovarian or adrenal gland tumors have been guessed, CT and also MRI scans could possibly be arranged.

What exactly are the therapies for PCOS?

Additionally, there really are a lot of treatment options which were demonstrated to be most effective for treating PCOS. Remedy is contingent on the phase of the woman’s entire life and can be geared toward setting up routine menstrual cycle, managing unusual esophageal bleeding, managing extra hair increase, handling of related problems like insulin resistance, or boosting the possibility of being pregnant if desirable.

Lots of health conditions could possibly be related to PCOS, and treatment method might be mandatory which has been guided in those coexistent problems. Associated ailments which could call for special medical therapies comprise:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Obesity

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House Treatments for PCOS

Much like almost any chronic illness, care of the nutritious life style may help optimize well being and reduce outward symptoms. Appropriate nourishment and normal physical exercise helps take care of the fat reduction and increased blood stress which can go with PCOS. Weight reduction continues to be proven in several research to decrease a number of the ramifications of unneeded testosterone in older women who have PCOS.

Hospital Treatment for PCOS

Medicines would be the mainstay of treatment method for the hormonal and menstrual signs of PCOS in addition to associated health problems.

Oral contraceptive pills supplements (OCPs, birth-control capsules) are used in a few women with PCOS to set up a normal menstrual period and also to decrease the chance of endometrial hyperplasia and also most cancers by demonstrating ordinary menstrual intervals. Still another treatment choice to decrease the possibility of endometrial hyperplasia and also most cancers is irregular progestin remedy, as an instance, medroxyprogesterone acetate (Provera) granted for 6 to 10 days every one to 2 months.

Spironolactone (Aldactone) can be really a diuretic (water tablet ) which can effectively reverse ramifications of unneeded androgen creation like acne breakouts and unwelcome hair development. Since the two medications can impact the evolution of the person embryo, they need to maybe not be utilized when pregnancy is needed. Eflornithine (Vaniqa) can be just a drug which was permitted for cutting down the increase of hair follicles.

A drug termed clomiphene (Clomid) is utilised to cause fertilization (induce egg production) in ladies who want to eventually become expecting . Whether this remedy isn’t prosperous, females with PCOS and infertility treatment may possibly call for additional, a lot more competitive, solutions for infertility like regeneration of gonadotropin hormones and also assisted reproductive systems.

This medication impacts the activity of insulin and also may be utilized in the treatment of ladies with PCOS.

Medical Procedures Selection for PCOS

Laparoscopic operation to do wedge resection of the clitoris has been carried outside being a step to cause fertilization and cure infertility in women with PCOS. That really is infrequently achieved now on account of the efficacy of both Clomid along with other procedures to deal with infertility in addition to the simple fact adhesions (scar tissue formation) can persist right after ovarian wedge resection. A laparoscopic process called over drilling of this ovaries is also utilised to decrease androgen levels and cure PCOS.

manipal hospital jaipur

Manipal Hospital Jaipur


Manipal Hospital is multispeciality hospital with 280 bed space and it is located in Sector 5, Main Sikar Road, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur.

The hospital is deemed ideal for all sorts of emergency treatments. Manipal Hospital Jaipur covers the comprehensive selection of Preventive and Curative care. Adhering to the vision of combining modern and conventional types of affordable therapy, the hospital aims at making the services accessible to each category of society. The Hospitals and Surgeons in India make sure organs donated are employed in a legalized fashion, cutting the range of illegal trade.

Radiation treatments are made to halt the development of tumors or lesions, meaning the effect is going to be seen over a period of weeks or months. Based on the magnitude of the procedure your therapy might be a brief stint, or a lengthy affair. Physical therapy is just one of the absolute most significant part your recovery from back surgery. The most usual treatment to which rubies are subjected is the heat treatment where the ruby roughs are heated at a certain temperature in a furnace to better their color.

Procedure at Manipal Hospital, Jaipur

  • Diabetology
  • Cardiology
  • Neurology
  • General Surgery
  • Dermatology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Nephrology
  • Dental Surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Surgical Oncology
  • ENT
  • IVF And Reproductive Medicine
  • Medical Oncology
  • Orthopedics
  • Obstetrics And Gynaecology
  • Pathology
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Pulmonology
  • Urology
  • Aesthetic And Reconstructive Surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Cardiac Surgery

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 best gynecologist in Delhi

5 Easy Tips for Normal Delivery


The birth of a child is the most natural and pleasant experience for a woman. But some people consider normal delivery very painful and risky. Preparation of normal delivery is important because today most women are doing the first pregnancy and there is a lack of exercise in their daily life.

These 5 easy tips will help you prepare for Normal Delivery.

1- Be Aware – Normal Delivery is more secure for both mother and child, and has many benefits. Not only does the mother recover quickly but the child is less likely to have problems of swelling. On the other hand, during the cesarean operation, the mother’s intestine and urine sac are at risk of getting hurt. Even after cesarean, some women also have a risk of serious complications in the next pregnancy. You should take part in antenatal classes to prepare mental and physical preparation for normal delivery. In these classes, you are given the information related to the normal delivery process and you are also taught exercises and breathing style. These increase the ability of the labor of the mother to increase and ease of labor.

2- Wise choice in the doctor – When you select a doctor for your delivery, you should let your doctor know the trend towards your normal delivery. You can learn about their experience by talking to your doctor by giving your doctor.

Dr. Swati Sinha, doctor of Sitaram Bhartia Hospital says, “Cesarean rates for pregnant women should be less than 25% for the first time.”

3- Keep an eye on your weight and exercise everyday – Increasing weight during pregnancy can be harmful to the child and the mother. You do not need to eat for yourself and your child twice. You only have to eat 200-300 calories.

Doctor Swati says, “Do not forget to exercise every day. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, then you start with a 10 – 15-minute walk. Gradually, you increased it to 40 minutes per day. This will increase your tolerance as you will be able to bear the labor. “

4- Choose your ‘Birth Partner’ – Choose someone who you can trust completely and who understands you. Although for many women this person is their husband, your ‘birth partner’ can also be your mother or mother-in-law. Both of you should take part in antenatal class together. In this, your ‘birth partner’ will be taught how to massage your body during labor, which exercises should be done and how to encourage you.

5- Trust in yourself- Your body is naturally produced to give birth to a baby. You should believe that you will be able to pass through your childhood well. Just practice your exercise and breathing style regularly and keep your focus on the baby you are having.

For centuries women have been giving birth to their families with the help of their families. You should have full faith in yourself and your preparation.

After her first delivery in Sitaram Bhartia Hospital, Sonali Verma says, “I am so happy that I got a hospital and doctor who encourages normal delivery. At the beginning, I thought I would get cesarean But when I understood the benefits of normal delivery, I changed my decision. Labor exercises that I learned in antenatal class came to me very much during delivery. The doctor prompted my husband to stay with me at the time of labor. “

The natural way of delivery is a normal delivery. Every healthy woman should make every effort to give birth through normal delivery.

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What Women Should Know for Normal Delivery –  How much pain has to go to born a baby. Desk- Normal delivery in today’s time has started to be considered similar to a Luck so that every woman wants to know about the normal delivery method. Every woman wants her to be a young and beautiful baby too, (normal delivery), but a mother can understand the pain of the birth of a child, how much pain has to go through to create a child.

  • Women have to take care of everything before their delivery.
  • It is every pregnant woman who wants normal delivery without any suffering.
  • But the problems associated with weak bodies, bad habits, and pregnancy, do not allow this to happen.
  • But many women who do not want to undergo a cesarean section (through surgery)
  • There is no such symptom so that it can be ascertained that delivery of a child is Caesarean or normal.

But still, due to some reasons, cesarean delivery is done instead of delivery Normal while pregnancy, although if you give attention to these things given below, then it is very possible that the delivery of the baby will be normal. Today, we will give you information on how delivery is done, in which you can get a baby from normal delivery after getting pregnant for normal delivery of pregnancy.


  • Vaginal delivery


  • Cesarean delivery



Both deliveries is right in their place but where the mother gets healthy after the delivery of a normal delivery, it takes a little longer for the mother to recover after being delivered from the same cesarean.

Regularly consult a doctor for normal delivery. Doctors not only increase your morale at this time but also remove the fears related to delivery.

Tell delivery if there is anything related to delivery. Pressing inside thing only increases anger which causes stress. Do not pay attention to the words here, during this time you can talk to friends, relatives, and even your neighbors. Always eat anything with doctor’s advice

Walking on foot in pregnancy is the best way to get normal delivery, take some time off during the day for the picnic. This will not only make you feel relaxed but the fresh air will work for you and your child. Whether you want to stroll in the park around your house for some time in the morning or evenings.

It has been seen mostly that in pregnancy, women are asked to rest, but in addition to comfort, it is important that what they are doing to keep themselves healthy. Actually, pregnancy muscles are very healthy and strong because it helps in fighting pain during labor. Keep in mind that while doing exercise, do not take too much weight and get advice from a specialist.

What you eat and what you are not eating in pregnancy also contributes to your normal delivery. In such a situation, you eat the right diet at the right time. Iron and calcium deficiency should not be given in pregnancy for this, green vegetables should be consumed. Include juice, egg and fruits etc. in your diet. This will keep you and your child developing protein and vitamins in your stomach. You can take a medicine with your doctor’s advice

Medanta Hospital gurgaon

Medanta Hospital Gurgaon


The hospital has the state-of-the-art medical equipment, and it has incorporated the hottest medical practices to take care of the patients. In addition, it is constantly updating medical equipment, as well as working to maintain high standards of service.

If you are looking for a hospital which is remarkable in providing active treatment and facilities to cure serious diseases then the capital city of India should be your prime destination. If we talk about a good hospital in Delhi, then we surely have to brief how it is helping out patients from all over world by delivering quality treatments and facilities. Delhi is obviously a nice city to be in, a number of tourists come here from every where for traveling as well as medical purposes.

Medanta Hospital Gurgaon is multispeciality Hospital and it is located in Sector 38 Gurgaon. doctors are trained to use advanced technologies like robotic-assisted surgery to make sure the surgeries are performed easily and with precision. Doctors at Medanta Hospital integrate modern and conventional kinds of medicine to cater to the requirements of the individual.

Procedure at Medanta The Medicity, Gurgaon  are:

  • Uro Oncology
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Surgical Gastroenterology
  • ENT
  • Liver Transplantation
  • Cardiology
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Renal Transplantation
  • Spine Surgery
  • Bone Marrow Transplantation
  • Breast Surgery
  • Medical Oncology
  • Urology
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Joint Replacement
  • Orthopedics
  • Nephrology
  • Interventional Radiology

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These are 7 things say that now is the time to meet Dermatologist


All of us avoid getting to the doctor till the extent of trouble is over. When it comes to skin, the negligence increases slightly.

But showing trouble to the doctor when the problem is small, it gives relief to a big pain. Then flawless skin and healthy hair so we all want, Therefore, here are some such signs that you should meet the Dermatologist immediately if you see it.

  1. When hair starts to fall rapidly – You often think of falling hair from your sharp eyes, it turns out that it is common for 70 to 100 hair fall in a day. But if you have a bunch of hair in your hand on the finger spin each time, then it is a danger bell. If you want dense hair on your head, then contact the dermatologist today to quickly remove this problem.
  2. A continuous pimple – If there is a pimple on your face during periods or during its date, then it is not normal to worry, it is normal. But if pimples are often on the face then it is not normal. To know the real cause of this, please contact the skin specialist.
  3. Dandruff that doesn’t go away- You look very sexy in that Black One Piece dress but often avoid wearing it because Dendroff, who goes on the shoulders, ruins your look. Then you have trim all the shampoo shown on TV Aid to deal with this Dandruff. Now it is time to try the tips of friends instead of working on the doctor’s advice.
  4. Uh !! Itch- To remove the itching on skin, you have to do everything from mustard oil and neem paste to the Aloe vera gel. But even if it did not end in one to two days, then take the appointment of the doctor on the second day of the evening or on the third day of the morning. More than this, ignoring this itching can be a cause of great allergic reactions.
  5. Worry Lines! – After one age on everybody’s face, he becomes the lines near the eyes, mouth and neck. But if you have started getting these lines now, then show the doctor. It is true that these lines can also be kept in control by the Regular Parlor Visit, but if these lines are visible then these beauty treatments can make them deeper too! It is therefore important that you do not appoint a beautician’s appointment to the dermatologist this time. There you will get the right treatment for this problem.
  6. Have you been a dark circle? –You are following the correct sleeping and diet routine, but still, under your eyes, those dark circles are constantly becoming dark and becoming dark. ..And you are troubled by thinking that what is the reason for them? Then the first thing you do is start putting the cream … But dear, everything is right when you first need to know that what is the reason for it, because it is often hereditary and sometimes the other health issue!
  7. The trouble with oil! – You are Mallika of flawless skin and your oil skin glands are more active, due to which the face oil is wiped by wiping … This is not an ideal situation. If this problem will persist for a long time, then there can be a reason for it. Of course, you do not want this, it is better to take treatment before the disease can grow.

If you have any such problem then you should go to the dermatologist in Delhi immediately. If you are having trouble finding a doctor, then you can go to Credihealth’s website to get information about top hospital doctors. The Credihealth website is a good platform where you can book online doctor appointment and get details information about dr.’s education, Fee, OPT timing in Hospitals.

Talking about Dermatologists and his work –  

Their main task is to treat people’s diseases that have side effects on skin, hair, nails, and mouth. They help the patients in skin precipitated by allergic skin, skin scarring, sunburn or other types of disorders. For this, he uses drugs or surgery. She also collaborates in the treatment of patients suffering from skin cancer and similar diseases. At the clinic or hospital, he first inspects the disease affected organisms. If necessary, they also take a sample of blood, skin or tissue from the concerned organ to check the severity of the disease. They investigate the chemical and biological tests of these samples and find out what causes the disease. After diagnosing the disease, they start treatment. In this work, he uses drugs, surgery, superficial radiotherapy or other available treatment methods.

Other Work-

Many times there is also skin related disease due to lack of nutrients in the body. In this case, dermatologists also prepare ‘Diet Plan’ for the patient’s condition. In the same way, he also provides advice on the care of patients with skin and hair while exercising. Apart from this, the management of medicinal documents related to the treatment of patients (related medicines and related to pathological investigations) is also a part of their scope.

Do cosmetic surgery:– Dermatologists also do cosmetic surgery to make faces and other organs attractive. To eliminate skin wrinkles and scars, they use techniques like dermabrasion and botox injections. In addition to these techniques, he also uses laser therapy for treatment. With the help of this technique, he treats wrinkles and white spots on the skin.

Education: Passing XII with physics, chemistry, and biology is the first condition of becoming a dermatologist by obtaining MBBS degree. After this, a three year MD or two-year diploma course can be done in dermatology, venereology, and leprosyography.


The points available for specialization –

Medical dermatology –  Surgical Dermatology

Dermatopathology – Hair and nail disorder

Genital skin disease – Pediatric dermatology

Immunodermatology – Publishing Disorders

Connective Tissue Disease – Photodermatology

Surgical Dermatology – Genetic skin disease

Required properties:  

  • Have a good aesthetic and health
  • Have the skill to communicate sympathetically with the patient
  • Have enough patience to deal with all kinds of situations
  • Emotionally and mentally strong
  • Have the desire to help others


Spend 15 Minutes Up and Down the Stairs

How to Lose Weight Naturally


Losing weight naturally is a healthy and safe process of weight loss. It will bright some changes to your diet, exercise routine and lifestyle. On the other hand, when you are making some small lifestyle changes, you are more to continue these habits for a long time.

Therefore, to lose weight naturally, safely and healthily at home, a combination of these factors can help you definitely. So, you will see here how to lose weight naturally and how these tactics affect your weight loss plan and body of course. And these tactics will help you to lose your weight in regular works as working in the kitchen.

14 Tips to Lose Weight Naturally

By following these easy step by step process, you will find the best and easy solution of your weight loss problem.

How to Lose Weight Naturally- Packed FoodHow to Lose Weight Naturally- Packed Food

1.Doat Packed Food

There are some common packed foods like sauces, ketchup, salad dressing, mayonnaise and other ready to eat are often laced with preservatives, sugar and also with calories.

As shunning packed foods don’t hurt too much and it is also an easy way to cut back on calories.

2. Eat Your Meat At A Low Speed

“To receive the signal that the stomach is full takes 20 minutes for your brain,” science says. So, eat slowly while you are eating because it gives enough time to process the signal to your brain that you have eaten enough.

On the other hand, eating fast ruin the purpose, it is good to eat slow.

3. Instead of Fancy Creamy Coffee, Have Regular Ones

It seems a great idea to many that grab a quick coffee before you head up to work from a fancy coffee shop, these fancy creamy coffees are full of fattening agents and sugar causing more harm to your body than good.

Therefore, have a fancy cappuccino along with the regular simple coffee and you will see the difference for yourself.

4. Take a Walk Before Dinner

When you take a walk before going to the dinner table that put down your hunger pangs and gives you a feeling of satiation while your metabolism is raising. So, going to a quick walk can be a great idea before you sit down to eat your meal at night.

5. Every 2 Hours – Walk for 5 Minutes

If you are doing a job that requires long sitting hours to sit then take a five-minute walk break in every two hours of sitting.

End of the day, you will have walked for at least 30 minutes and more and you will have done this much without any extra efforts. Also, this habit will prevent you from binging on snacks laden with calories.

6After Dinner Pack the Food & Close the Kitchen

After you are done with your dinner pack the food and close the kitchen. It will save you from binge eating when you feel hungry at midnight.

In fact, as the night goes your sweet tooth starts to send you a signal and we all know what happens when we indulge in sweetness. When you are done with your dinner, lock those cupboards and also the kitchen doors.

Spend 15 Minutes Up and Down the Stairs

7. Spend 15 Minutes Up and Down the Stairs

The health experts ask you to shun the lift and take the stairs because of some reason. The most effective cardio exercises are climbing stairs that exist.

Doing 15 minutes of up and down the stairs will easily shed a few pounds a month.

8. Keep Reminding Your Weight Loss Goal

There is a reason for existing reminders and affirmations. It will make the criticality easy of the task at hand and make sure that you will complete it within the timeline.

Always tell yourself continuously “I can do it” or “I want to be fit in my little red dress” It really works – try it!

9. Have A Little Water After Breakfast

It happens so many times that you feel hungry but your body is asking for water actually! So, avoid eating the moment you feel hungry. Try to satiate your hunger by some plenty of water. These will keep you feel full and also solve the problems are related to drinking less water.

10. When Eating Count Your Bites

This is a magic trick but a bit tough to do. In each of your meals, keep a track of the total number of your bites. At the moment you have the count of an average number of bites in each meal you take, keep try to decrease it by 3 bites per meal a day.

By doing this, you are softly decreasing the number of calories every day. And you are doing this even without any heartbreak!

11. Add Protein to Your Diet

Protein is the king of nutrients. When you are digesting and metabolizing the protein you eat, your body burns calories. So, you can boost your metabolism up to 80-100 calories per day by maintaining a high diet.

Also, a high protein diet makes you feel full and help you to decrease your appetite. Honestly, on a high protein diet, people eat over 400 fewer calories.

12. Avoid Processed Foods

In general, processed foods are high in sugar, fats, and calories. Again, to make you eat as much as possible processed foods are engineered. They cause addictive-like eating than unprocessed foods.

13. Limit Your Intake of Added Sugar

Eating a lot of added sugar causes some of the world’s leading diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

Americans eat about 15 teaspoons of added sugar every day on average. This amount of sugar is usually hidden in various processed foods. Without your realization, you may be consuming a lot of sugar each day.

14. Avoid Liquid Calories

Liquid calories come from various beverages such as fruit juices, sugary soft drinks, energy drinks, and chocolate milk etc.

These types of drinks are bad for health in many ways such as an increased risk of obesity. A study has shown that among the children, a drastic 60% increase in the risk of obesity for every daily serving of a sugared drinking beverage.

So, now you know our ultimate guide about how to lose weight naturally? And these are some minor changes in your lifestyle that will help you to get the desired body you always wanted to attain.

foods to eat for healthy and glowing skin

Clone of Foods to Eat for Healthy Skin

In order to maintain the health of your skin, outer care is not enough. Healthy skin comes from a healthy diet. Nutrition is important to maintain the inner balance of the body. So today, we are going to uncover the best foods to eat for healthy skin.


Many pieces of research showed that our skin reflects the things we eat. An unhealthy diet not only damages our internal organs such as liver and heart but also makes us look aged even before the time.


Hence, it is important to include the healthy food items in order to maintain a healthy skin. Through this article, we are going to share with you some of such food items and also let you know their role in maintaining the health of your skin. So with the help of the best Skin specialist in Jaipur, we have managed to bring you a list of best skin-friendly foods.


5 Best Foods to Eat for Healthy Skin

1.   Avocados

Whenever we talk about healthy skin, the first name came to our mind is Avocado. Avocados consist of many healthy fats which are essential to maintaining a flexible and moisturized skin.

Research showed the more intake of healthy fat results in more flexible and glowing skin.

foods to eat for healthy skin

Avocados also help in keep you looking younger as the compounds found in Avocados are known to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays.


Do you know that besides the above healthy fats and compounds, they are also considered as one of the greatest sources of Vitamin E and Vitamin C?

Which means it also works as an antioxidant and helps in protecting your cells from damage can cause by free radicals.

Avocado is also rich in fiber which means it prevents constipation by maintaining a healthy digestive system inside the body. People suggest that one Avocado per day is essential to maintain a healthy fat inside the body.


2. Sweet Potatoes

The second item in our list of best foods to eat for healthy skin is Sweet Potato. Well, you might have heard about sweet potatoes helpful in losing weight. But did you know that Sweet Potatoes also contributes towards maintaining a healthy skin?

Like Vitamin C and E, Vitamin A is also essential to maintain a healthy skin and also good for eyes. And Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber, Potassium and Vitamin A. They are known as an excellent source of Vitamin A.


In order to maintain the essential nutrients inside the sweet potato, it is recommended to bake them instead of boiling. You can lose the water-soluble nutrients from them by boiling.


100 to 300 grams of Sweet potato can be eaten in a day and enough to give you enough Vitamin A inside your body.


3. Tomatoes

No one can be unaware of the health benefits of the Tomatoes. They are rich in all major carotenoids and especially lycopene, an antioxidant which is known to fight the free radicals inside the body.


It protects the skin from aging, wrinkling through the harmful UV rays of the sun. Tomatoes are known as one of the greatest sources of Vitamin C


You can eat the tomatoes in a salad right before your meal. 2-3 medium size tomatoes are enough in a day to maintain a healthy skin.


4. Dark Chocolate

Love for chocolates cannot be expected in words? And what happens when we will tell you that dark chocolates are good for your skin too? Don’t you feel it’s like an extra cream over the cake?

It has been found that anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals consist in the cocoa powder or cocoa-rich chocolate helps in maintaining a glowing and healthy skin.


Dark chocolates have multiple benefits over the skin such as hydrating your skin, protecting it from sun damage and also diminishing wrinkles. Studies also showed that dark chocolates (at least 70% cocoa) not only improves your rough and dry skin but also prevents one from the risk of heart disease.


Experts say that dark chocolates are rich in flavonoids which has infinite health benefits so one can consume 30g to 60g of dark chocolate in a day.


5. Green Tea

Social Media is trying hard to make people aware of the health benefits of Green Tea. Green Tea not only sheds the extra pounds from the body but also protects the skin from aging and damage. It has a number of benefits for the skin.

Studies showed that drinking one or two cups of green tea per day make our skin produce less sebum, boosts our immune system and reduce the inflammation level etc. As it is rich in antioxidants which helps the body in fighting the free radicals, and cleans the harmful toxins inside the body. It prevents the skin from getting acne and also improves the skin complexion.

A recent study over the number of women proven that drinking Green Tea is also effective in reducing the sun burns nearly 25%. It improves the Skin elasticity, maintains the ph level and improves the dry and rough skin. Green tea is no doubt one of the best foods to eat for healthy skin!!


Experts suggest that one should drink one or two cups of green tea in a day and it should replace your regular tea and coffee. Also, the tea should not contain milk as milk can reduce the impact of its powerful antioxidants.


In the above article, we have shared with you some necessary food items which are required to maintain a healthy skin. These foods to eat for healthy skin will make you healthy from inside the body.  And if your body is healthy from inside, it will automatically reflect on your face.


How to Choose a Breast Implants Size



How to Choose a Breast Implants Size

How can I decide on the perfect size of my breast implants? It is a question many post themselves before breast enlargement. The size of the implant determines what impression your breasts will do after surgery. Naturally rich or a big change with wow factor, it’s up to you! We hope to simplify your decision by writing a small guide on how to choose the correct size of the implant for its breast augmentation.

Whatever your reason for considering breast implants in Malmö, it’s important that this occasion comes from your own heart. If you are thinking of doing a breast surgery for your own sake, then there is no valuation about which thought is right or wrong. Our goal is to make you feel proud and happy with your breast implants. Your surgeon will act as a support all the way from consultation to after surgery.


Think about the purpose of your breast augmentation :

To go to the bottom with the size of breast implants that are right for you, consider why you want to make a breast enlargement. Do you feel that your body is disproportionate? Want to feel a little bit more feminine? Are there any clothes in your closet that could have been both better and nicer? Once you realize what it’s like, just make you decide to enlarge your breasts, so it’s also easier to visualize a size that suits your wishes.


Bra-trick :

Which increase is actually right? It can be difficult to translate the different volumes of breast implants to the way they actually look like your body after your breast augmentation. Fortunately, there is an easy way to test it at home!

Put on a relatively loosely sitting bra, such as a sports top. Find a pair of nylon socks in the wardrobe and start filling them with the risk gun. Tie a loose knot, stop the socks in the bra and evaluate the look. Fill or pour rice until you feel satisfied with the size, then measure how many decilitre rice you have in each stump. Assume that a deciliter rice is equivalent to about 100 cc of silicone. When you plan to put your breast implant behind or partially behind the breast muscle, you should add approximately 10 to 20 percent volume to achieve the same size as your rice experiment.

Testing yourself in this way gives an estimate of the size that feels and looks right before the choice of your breast implants. Worth thinking, however, is that all breasts are different, and depending on your natural size and shape, the reliability of the experiment may vary. See it more like a guideline than a benchmark!


Look for inspirational images :

Inspired by others and having a target image can help you make a decision for your breast enlargement. What size do you like looking like bodies similar to your own? Is it nice with prominent breasts, or subtly stuffy? What shape appeals to you?

The Internet is your friend during the choice of breast implants. Save images to an appearance that you appreciate, and include the consultation that is done before you apply your breast implants in Malmö. It will help both you and your surgeon because you both see the same desired results in front of you.

But remember! Do not compare yourself with others, inspired instead. This is your body and surgery, you are beautiful as well before after your breast augmentation and can not be compared to anyone else.


Talk to your surgeon :

If you choose us at the Aesthetic Center to insert your breast implants in Malmö, we can guarantee that our surgeons are experienced and can safely guide you to your breast enlargement. After careful measurements made by your body, your surgeon will present a range of breast implants that will fit your body and wishes.

Take this opportunity and ask your surgeon any questions you may have in front of your breast augmentation. The main thing is that you feel confident, safe and satisfied with your operation. The surgeon ensures that your body is respected and in mind when selecting the size of your breast implants, and it will serve as a framework that will help you to wander a little bit of the set of choices that are available for a breast surgery.

Together, you can discuss the pros and cons of the different sizes of breast implants that you are considering, and arrive at a decision that will make you feel beautiful. We advise you to listen carefully to your surgeon. At the Esthetics Center we have carried out over 2000 cosmetic breast surgery, and most have been enlargements. Therefore, we are confident in our cause and can support you with our good advice all the way, until after you put your breast implants in Malmö.

Consider the risks of complications :

We would like to start by reminiscing that we at the Aesthetic Center can do our thing and are very careful, so do not worry. Several of our patients have traveled many miles to get the amazing results our world-renowned surgeons deliver. However, one must nevertheless take into account that there is a small risk of complications in breast enlargement. The small risk can be reduced further by your choice of size on your breast implants!

The larger the breast implants, the greater the risk of complications. It is your body that determines the size of the implant it will handle and therefore your surgeon will help you by performing accurate measurements of your chest and chest. Based on your natural volume and breast tissue, the surgeon determines how big breast implants your body will be able to cope with.

Do you choose between two sizes?

A general advice is to choose the larger volume. After a breast enlargement you get used to your new chest quickly, and what felt a bit too big when comparing two breast implants in your hand suddenly feels less after a few months. You will see your new breasts every day, and what at first feels unexpected becomes endless everyday.

We hope that our guide has helped you a little bit on the tricks of your thoughts. Remember, we at Aesthetic Center always have a call or visit if you need someone to think about ideas and thoughts. Why not book an unforeseen consultation, so do we get it from there? Welcome!


Some Important Things to know about Esophagus Cancer


Who knows that some acid reflux symptoms can end up in such dreadful events? Yes, you heard it rights and more if you know then you will get to know that some common acid reflux if remain in your body for a long time, can end up getting an esophagus cancer.

This is common these days, and if you are worried about having such a thing in your body, then it is obvious. You might get so many symptoms that are associated with esophagus cancer. If you have acid reflux and you are worried about getting the esophagus cancer then here are some of the important things that you should know. So let us get to it –

 How do you get Esophagus cancer?

Well, before we get to cancer, there are many Esophageal Cancer Symptoms that will tell you about it. These all can be dreadful, and you should know all about these symptoms which can help you in some amazing ways. If you ever feel like that you should know why you have esophagus cancer, then you should follow the below-mentioned paragraph.

The cancer is usually caused by the acid in your stomach, and once that acid is spreading, then you can get to see that you are developing ulcers. The ulcers are really bad, and they are the only reason why you developed cancer. If you have ulcers, then you should never ignore them and find a better treatment for that. With all that Foods to Avoid Acid Reflux that we are not eating in the market, we are developing the risks of getting such a thing in our body more rapidly.

Keep all these things in your mind, and you will surely get so many benefits from all that. If you ever feel like that you should get a checkup then go for it. The checkup might cost you a few bucks but your life is valuable, and you will never get it back.

What causes Esophageal Cancer?

There are so many things that can be the cause of Esophageal Cancer, and we all simply ignore them. Being a human, this is our tendency to ignore things that take away our pleasures but keep that in mind that these pleasures can end up taking your life. Be real all the time and keep these things in your mind before you get to it. The things that can be the cause of the cancer are –

  • If you are a regular smoker or you have tobacco, then you can easily develop cancer in your esophagus. It is a really common thing in a smoker life, and you will get it if you are smoking cigarettes daily.
  • If you have some serious condition with the acid reflux, then you are more prone to developing cancer.
  • If you are obese then also your risks of developing the cancer are high.

You should keep that in mind, and if you are feeling anything wrong, then you should consult a doctor right away.

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