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Being Selfless is Being Selfish!


Another day at office? Spending another week drowned neck deep in work? Overworking, overstressed? Totally drained out? Want a quick escapade but you can’t because of being jam-packed in various tasks and events? No room for yourself? Cutting your yoga classes, no socializing, skipping all happening parties and meals?

Have you reached this state? Then, we suggest you remind yourself and speak this on repeat, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Self Care

The monotony, our submissive nature, lethargic attitude has sucked the life out of us. We have reached a complete state of distress. The only thing that keeps us going is the hunger for money. Obviously, that is to gift ourselves a normal life. But, is it the only thing that matters. Is this what all we need to live (With a lot of stress)?

Keeping self care on the back burner is what we do! Unless and until this lifestyle takes a toll on us we do not actually bother to change it.

Maybe, it is too much to ask for these days but self care is pivotal for our mental, physical, emotional well being. Self health care shouldn’t be neglected. Just a few changes and life is sorted!

Nobody is asking you to quit work, you just need to maintain balance: No one ever said work holism is a virtue! Right? Make your work part of your life but don’t make it your life. Working does pay you, leads your overall growth and development but at the same time too much of it ruins your life and shatters your mental health. Today, because of this over exhaustion, we are becoming unproductive, depleting emotionally. Every day, almost every year more and more people are falling prey to health problems, no matter how young you are or old, every other person has anxiety problems, insomnia; the count of depression patients is on the rise. You need to take care of yourself by setting certain professional boundaries.

Know your worth: Fall in love with yourself, maintain a beautiful relationship with yourself. Because, they say if you love yourself, everything will start falling in place. Nothing will now bother you, as now you don’t need anybody else to look after your needs. Self love and self care helps boost your confidence, creates a positive aura around you, raises your self esteem and constantly reminds you to value yourself more than anything else in this world.

Helps beat stress: Stress cannot be blamed always for putting you in distress as it is nudges you every time or acts as a reminder to finish work before deadlines! However, too much of anything is never good. Smart self-care habits like eating healthy, connecting with a loved one or, practicing meditation helps eliminate and cut down the negative and toxic effects of stress. It helps improve your mood and boost your energy and confidence levels.

 Don’t just exist but LIVE! Life the most precious gift we have. How do we even dare to waste it?

It should be wasted running after office work, deadlines rather set travel goals, fitness goals, happiness goals make a bucket list and work every day to achieve it. Take up a new hobby, learn new language, never stop exploring, and never stop investing in yourself.

Better physical health: Self-care does not just emphasize your mental health, but your physical health is equally important. Take care of yourself. Take adequate sleep, go out on walks, eating healthy, exercising daily, taking short trips, will bring lost charm in your life again.

Improved mental state: Keeping yourself away from work for a short while will fill you with great zeal and you will come back to work supercharged, with loads of energy.

Are you ready to now hop onto the self-care bandwagon? Simple and fun way to get you started. Adapting a self care routine will inject life inside of you.

Start with a morning jog, run to kick start your day.

  1. Go for a run or a light jog.
  2. Practice deep breathing for just five minutes.
  3. Do meditation daily.
  4. Go on short weekend trips.
  5. Join dance classes.
  6. Learn a new language.
  7. Go for a movie.
  8. Adrenaline junkie? Don’t stop yourself.

Busy schedule doesn’t allow us to take care of ourselves, our parents, our kids. At this time, technology comes to the rescue to save our time. By spending money on the latest technology and products we ease our work, improve our life and invest the time saved in some other activities.

Nowadays, technology is growing and it has made such a progress that we can take care of our health at the comfort of our home. Fractured leg, broken arm, muscle spasm or tear whatever, self help home care medical equipments help us out a lot.

Various websites doing rounds in the cyber space for promoting, selling self care products. Health is definitely important but it shouldn’t come at very high cost. Be nice to your health and bank account!

No need to break the bank as the highly competitive market has made everything affordable so as that people are attracted to the best offers. It is time you start taking care of yourself with the best. Dependency on anybody was never good so why even practice it? Why to live deprived of comfort and to live in a state of unhealthiness? Surf the internet and get going with variety of products that give you the privilege for self indulgence!

Some products like mobility scooters, medical scooters, strassburg socks, genutrain knee brace, bunion correctors etc. won’t let your self care routine suffer. You can still spare time for yourself, move freely, happily, meditate, and exercise daily. This advancement in self help care products won’t stop you from keeping on top of your priority list for even a single day.

So, now let no one, no work and nothing stop you from keeping yourself first! And, don’t forget self care is the key to happiness!

What to know what is triggering your heartburns?


You might be suffering from heartburns and many more disease that might be triggering it. There are many things that can be GERD Symptoms and you should know all of them. There are so many things that you need to know, and all that stuff can help you to get a long way up to the top.

We are here to help you with the things that you need to know, and that can help you to know about the main reasons behind the heartburns that you are getting. Before we get started with the reasons, let us discuss a little about the heartburns and how to identify them.

What is Heartburn? What are the Symptoms of having Heartburn?

Well, heartburns are common, and we all might have experienced it once in our life. There are so many things that you need to know, and all that stuff can help you to get so many things done.

If you are looking for some of the major things that can help you to know that you have heartburns, then you can follow the section below. The major symptoms of having heartburns are –

  • Reflux disease
  • Chest pain
  • Bitter taste in the mouth
  • More Saliva
  • Pain while lying

These all things can help you to know this, and you can get so many symptoms that can be associated with this. Keep all these things in your mind, and if you ever have any of them, then you should contact a doctor immediately. Look out for them, and they will surely turn out to be much more than just helpful.

What is triggering your Heartburns?

Well, there are so many things that can help you to know about the things that have been triggering your heartburns. To be honest, there are many of them it depends according to person to person.

You should keep track of everything that you eat and trust me it will surely help you in some of the most amazing ways. Here are all the things that you need to know about the foods that trigger.

Food that Triggers Heartburns

Well, there are many of them, and we all eat that will all our knowledge of things that are harmful to us. As we all are humans so we are good at ignoring the thing like Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and one should know all about it to lead a healthy life.

However, we are not listing anything here, and we are here to help you to know what kind of food and we are not picking out anything. So the food that triggers heartburns is –

  • Fatty Acids
  • Fatty Foods
  • Large Meals
  • Late-night meals

These things are better if avoided and if you want to get many of these things done in the easiest ways, then this is all that you need to know. Keep all these things in mind and try your best to avoid them.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) – Symptoms and Causes


There might be many questions if you are living a healthy lifestyle, but you are still having heartburns, GERD, acid refluxes and many more things. One of the main questions that will get in your mind is What Causes Acid Reflux and you should get your answer to that.

Well, there are many types of acid refluxes, and they are almost the same. If you have such a thing in your body, then you should know each and everything about it. Here we are to help you with the GERD, and you will get to know some hidden and amazing information about it. So let us get to it –

What is GERD?

GERD or Gastroesophageal reflux disease is an acid reflux disease that can cause you so many things like heartburns and many other digestive diseases. You can get many benefits from the home remedies that you can use to get the cure for the GERD.

However, there are many people that can get the GERD and there are a lot of things that you need to know before you get yourself a better treatment. There are so many things that you need to know, and it will surely help you to get a long way up to the top. We have mentioned some of the most important things that are signs and symptoms and causes that will tell you that you have GERD. So let us get to it –

Causes of GERD

  • They are caused by acid refluxes that might hit you every now and then. You should keep track of all these things, and it will surely be helpful.
  • If you are obese, then this thing also can be the cause that you get the GERD.
  • The addition of unhealthy and oily food can also cause you all such things.
  • A connective tissue disorder may lead to GERD, and this can cause you a lot more.

Symptoms of GERD

There are many things that you will feel, and these Reflux Symptoms are so easy to be ignored, and this is what we all do. You should visit a doctor when you get these things and trust me you will get much help from your doctor, and you will end up getting a better stomach. You need to get rid of GERD, and these things are the early symptoms that you have GERD.

  • The first things that you will get to experience are the heartburns, and you need to know that it is an early sign of GERD. If you ever get such a burning sensation for more than a day, then you should consult a doctor.
  • Chest pain with some sharp pain in between the lungs. That can be an ulcer in your food pipe.
  • You might find it hard to swallow food easily, and it will give you a hard time if you have GERD. Keep these things in mind, and it will surely help you a lot.

Is Artificial Intelligence smart enough to resolve healthcare crisis?


More or less 17.5 million healthcare workers globally are excluded or otherwise isolated from the actual healthcare system. It represents a major human resource crisis in the medical sector further heightened by ageing and overtired physicians, persisting chronic diseases that’s getting worse with each passing year.

Can artificial intelligence (AI) assist doctors and healthcare professionals thereby easing the hassle? And while a research paper says it’s possible, it still has to go through a long queue of ethical and legal barriers.

Lack of global healthcare personnel is forthcoming
Industry experts are less optimistic when looking at human resource situation in healthcare. The growing tension about off-balanced supply and increasing demand of medical professionals further adds fuel to the fire.

World Health Organisation (WHO) released a report titled Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health: Workforce 2030which sheds light on lack of healthcare personnel such as physicians, nurses and midwives that’s expected to soar approximately by 10 million by 2030. That said, the U.S. can foresee a shortage of 120,000 physicians by 2030 as per a report published early in April 2018 by Association of American Medical Colleges.

The next 10-to-12 years will be crucial to Southeast Asia that need more or less 5-million more healthcare professionals to meet the shortfall. On the contrary, the Western Pacific zone including China, Japan and South Korea would be missing nearly 1.5 million personnel. The situation in the European Union isn’t too bright as the continent is expected to lack approximately one million health professionals by the year 2020 as estimated by European Union Joint Action on Health Workforce Planning.

The rise in population, ageing and chronic diseases
Day by day, global population is increasing whereas the World Population Counterpredicts that birth rate would be three-times more than death per day. The total population of Earth now is approximately 7.6 billion which is literally insane and rising every day!

Altogether, life expectancy is widening and global population is ageing. Statistical data from World Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision revealed total number of elderly of 60 years and above which is expected to grow by 2050 and thrice by 2100.

The need for quality healthcare service is also rising but thanks to digital technology in healthcare including advanced doctor finding apps, diseases are easier to diagnose and treat even in remotest areas where physical reach is either too difficult or impossible.

Likely solutions
All these stats outline the growing issues in healthcare as well as wide gap between supply and demand. The crisis in healthcare workforce is mostly due to the ageing populations and imminent need of chronic care, worldwide lack of doctors, ageing and physician’sexhaustion.

Some of the countries are producing higher number medical students to transform their healthcare system in being more effective. Take for instance Singapore which has accepted nearly 110 students in its medical training programme back in 2015. The country’s government also took relevant steps in attracting students during middle of their study programme to pursue their medical career and offer remuneration of approximately $50,000 for all those in their final three years of education.

In the long run however, such an incentive would be unappealing to the medical professional given to the ever rising work pressure and HR crisis in parallel. This is when digital technology, doctor apps powered by Artificial Intelligence comes to save the day.

AI to assist physicians; not replace them
Smart algorithms have the potential to assist medical professional in carving treatment plans and explore the best-suited methods as per the patient’s specific anatomy. They can conveniently take on repetitive and tedious physicians’ tasks so that they can conveniently perform their job and pursue career opportunities.

Certainly, we need to emphasise that medical practice isn’t a linear process. Every single parameter and element cannot be just translated into programme codes but, there’re specific areas where AI can surely improve patient’s outcome and relieve the medical personnel from unnecessary burden.

The application challenges
It’s most unfortunate that AI isn’t a wonder weapon that can solve everything magically; that said, many challenges rise from the technology itself. Then there’s the financial burden on the other hand which is the cost of disruptive technologies which might be too burdensome and exorbitant for undeveloped and underdeveloped countries. In the end, it’ll push these states behind in the healthcare improvement rather than presenting a solution.

The technical and ethical questions that pop up couldn’t be ignored such as:

  • What are the physicians’ tasks and elements that can be eased by AI? Is it taking notes, carrying tedious administrative duties, performing diagnostics, treatment or monitoring can be facilitated?
  • If AI-based medical decision proves harmful for a patient, who’s to be held responsible?
  • Since most of the doctors use online tools in conducting their research, can AI truly bring a radical difference?
  • Should AI be handled as a secondary tool like a stethoscope or perhaps as a discrete entity?
  • At the patient’s side, will AI stick to the typical human touch when they’re unable to connect with an actual physician for any medical assistance?
  • What can be expected from AI algorithms if they can mimic empathy either through a typical doctor’s app or advanced chatbot?

Although AI is now accepted in almost every industry including healthcare, it’s uncertain if physicians will completely trust the technology in taking critical decisions about patients.

Other questions are on community/society level such as:

  • Can the technology truly shift focus from treatment to prevention and from chance to cure?
  • What about AI’s potential to increase the cost of care which makes it unreachable for lower and middle income earners?
  • Does the technology has potential to empower doctors and medical professionals in becoming more efficient and can it manage time-consuming tasks?
  • Will the doctors be able to offer better care in undeveloped and underdeveloped regions using AI technology?
  • All in all, how can it literally change the overall infrastructure of insurance policies?

To sum it all, Artificial Intelligence could become a powerful tool and resolve crisis in healthcare human resource.

Health Travel

Essential Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling


I think I can safely state that the most fun part of traveling is falling out of your routine. Instead of a boring workout at the gym, exercise is done by exploring the new area around you and taking parts in exciting activities. And the best part among them is the delicious street food or the luxury of room-service that you just can’t enjoy at home. However, none of this would matter if you’re not feeling very well or worse if you get so exhausted that you fall ill. Taking care of your well-being is an essential part of traveling.

Get your beauty sleep

Sleep is one of the most important factors in making you feel good. Adjusting to time-zones and getting rid of that jet-lag has only one cure: sleep! After you spend some time exploring around, make sure you get some peaceful shut-eye to wake up the next day with full energy.

Meditation does wonder

Taking care of your body is not enough. Your mind and spirit need some attention as well. All three of these can benefit from just a few minutes of meditation. If there are plenty of peaceful, natural spots around then meditation will be ten times more effective. Buddhist monks in Thailand treat it very highly as it is in harmony with their beliefs. Besides, the beautiful scenes I saw while traveling to Bangkok urged me to try meditation, which by the way made me feel better than ever.

Keep up a good pace

Take it easy when traveling. Plan out your day and take some breaks at regular intervals. If you rush things too much you will end up extremely tired and be more susceptible to falling ill.

Walk, walk and more walk

Walking is a healthy way of traveling and it lets you indulge in the foreign atmosphere even better. Walking is also an excellent exercise so whenever possible let your feet guide you to your next destination.

Eat healthily

Food is the sustenance of life. Try to add more fiber and veggies in your diet while traveling. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never miss breakfast as that is the single most important meal of the day.

Water is the essence of life

All the walking and adventuring requires that your body stays hydrated. During your travels, you should give priority to drinking water as opposed to sweet drinks or alcohol. Besides not being able to sleep because of a sugar rush or waking up too late because of a hangover kills all the good fun.

Take care of yourself

Most places may not have good hygiene so it’s smart to carry wet napkins and hand sanitizer. If the places get really rainy in monsoon, like Bangkok, then keeping an insect repellent is also a wise choice. If you’re visiting a super sunny area or perhaps the beach in some city, then a good sunscreen will protect you from the blazing sun. Along with these necessities, you should also make space for basic first aid items in your travel bag, like Band-Aids. Better be safe than sorry.

Abandon thy phone

Traveling is like a short getaway from normal routine life. But it cannot be so if you stick to your phone. I understand that in this day and age, we basically live on our phones but a break from technology will help you connect with the wonders of nature way better. Best way to do so would be to take part in a more nature-oriented activity and turn off your cell phone during it. Connect with your fellow travelers and take in the harmonious sounds of nature.

Indulge in what you find fun

During your travel, not everything will appeal to you yet something that may not be considered anything special might catch your eye. I suggest that you indulge in whatever piques your interest. After all, your travel should benefit you the most so whatever makes you happy is worth the effort and time. Besides, if you’re happy then your mind will be at peace, improving your overall wellbeing.

Knowledge is power

When you visit new places or even the old ones, you learn something new. Not only does it increases your general knowledge but it also stimulates your brain. A better way to learn is to visit any historical location and then read up on their history. When I traveled to Dubai and Bangkok I was fascinated by their old palaces and their history. Looking at different cultures makes you feel more connected different races. Having a healthy positive view of the world leads to better health. Stimulating your brain with all these new sights and sounds, helps you stay focused and healthy. Besides more knowledge is always welcome.

Take some alone time

Being alone is not always bad. It helps you reflect on life and on different things you’ve experienced so far. It is also a good way to calm yourself and connect with yourself. Knowing yourself teaches you to love yourself. It allows you to clear your mind and spend some time without worrying about what someone else is thinking of you. Even for the biggest social bees, traveling alone or spending some time on your own during their travel can be a life-changing experience. While you feel emotionally good, your overall health will stay in tip-top shape.

Make sure you have your travel insurance

This will protect you in case of an emergency. Being stuck in a foreign country, possibly with a completely different language than your own can be a very stress-inducing experience. Therefore, invest in a travel insurance so you can be provided with assistance and healthcare in case something goes awry. Another little thing that’ll save you from a bad situation is to keep a copy of your original passport while you keep your original one secure somewhere. In case of theft or misplaced bags, you will at least have your passport safe. A hassle-free journey naturally saves you from stress-induced ailments.

Write about your personal experience

Writing can be a very soothing, therapeutic activity. Keeping a travel log would not only make your journey more organized but it will also let you talk about your feelings. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself and learn something new about yourself. You can even write to your friends and family or even share your own tips with others. Let that pen run free.

Healthy Eating Diets for The Diabetic Patients


Individuals with diabetes have about twofold the danger of coronary illness and are at more serious danger of creating emotional wellness issue, for example, misery. However, most instances of sort 2 diabetes are preventable, and some can even be turned around. Finding a way to avoid or control diabetes doesn’t mean living in hardship; it implies eating a delectable, adjusted eating regimen that will likewise help your vitality and enhance your state of mind. You don’t need to surrender desserts altogether or leave yourself to a lifetime of insipid nourishment. With these tips, you can even now take joy from your suppers without feeling ravenous or denied.

A diabetes eating routine just means eating the most advantageous sustenance’s in direct sums and adhering to regular mealtimes. Sometimes, the patient wants to get individual need tutoring. It can be by himself or any other dietician.

A diabetes eating regimen is an adhering to a proper diet arrange for that is ordinarily wealthy in supplements and low in fat and calories. Key components are organic products, vegetables, and entire grains. Indeed, a diabetes eating routine is the best eating arrangement for generally everybody.

If you have diabetes or prediabetes, your specialist will probably prescribe that you see a dietitian to enable you to build up a good dieting arrangement. The arrangement causes you to control your (glucose), deal with your weight and control hazard factors for coronary illness, for example, hypertension and high blood fats.

Regardless of whether you’re attempting to forestall or control diabetes, your nourishing needs are basically the same as every other person, so no extraordinary sustenances become very vital. Yet, you do need to focus on a portion of your nourishment decisions—most eminently the sugars you eat. While following the Mediterranean or other heart-sound eating routines can help with this, the most vital thing you can do is to lose a little weight.

Planning Your Diet Schedule:

A diabetic eating regimen doesn’t need to be confused, and you don’t need to surrender all your most loved nourishments. The initial step to settling on more intelligent decisions is to isolate the legends from the certainties about eating to forestall or control diabetes.

  • You can make the most of your most loved regards as long as you design appropriately and restrain concealed sugars. Treat doesn’t need to be beyond reach, as long as it’s a piece of a robust supper design.
  • The kind of sugars you eat and additionally serving size is vital. Spotlight on whole grain carbs rather than dull carbs since they’re high in fiber and processed gradually, keeping glucose levels all the more even.
  • The standards of adhering to a proper diet are the same—regardless of whether you’re diabetic. Costly diabetic nourishments by and substantial offer no unique advantage.
  • Studies have demonstrated that eating excessive protein, particularly creature protein, may really cause insulin obstruction, a key factor in diabetes. A healthy eating routine incorporates protein, sugars, and fats. Our bodies require each of the three to work legitimately. The key is an adjusted eating routine.
  • Likewise, with any adhering to a good diet program, a diabetic eating regimen is more about your general dietary example instead of fixating on particular nourishments. Plan to eat more characteristic, natural sustenance and less bundled and accommodation nourishments.

Meals to Take:

  • Eat more healthy fats from nuts, olive oil, flax seeds, fish oils, or avocados. These things will help you to maintain the sugar level.
  • Fruits and vegetables, yes both have substantial benefits, but both should be ideally fresh, the more colorful, the more it gives a better result; try to eat whole fruit instead of just drinking juices.
  • High-fiber cereals and pieces of bread made from whole grains are the best choices for the diabetic patients.
  • Patients can also go for a Fish and shellfish, organic chicken or even a turkey can benefit to lower the diabetic range.
  • High-quality protein such as eggs, beans, low-fat dairy, and unsweetened yogurt is also perfect for the diabetic people.
  • You have to eat everything but in a limit. Your limit is a sign of healthy living life. Eat healthily and Stay healthy.

Things to Avoid Or Take In Less Amount:

  • Trans fats from partly hydrogenated or deep-fried foods will be a wrong choice for the diabetic people. They can develop more reasons to increase the blood sugar level inside the body.
  • Packaged and fast foods, particularly those high in sugar, baked goods, sweets, chips, and desserts. Avoid these things, they are a kind of poison for the diabetic people.
  • Avoid things which are high in white bread, or like sugary cereals, some refined kinds of pasta or even rice.
  • Do not take much amount of any kind of Processed meat and red meat. You can make it once a week.
  • Low-fat products that have replaced fat with added sugar, such as fat-free yogurt. Avoid it.


Carbohydrates affect your glucose levels—more so than fats and proteins—so you should be brilliant about what kinds of carbs you eat. Farthest point refined sugars like white bread, pasta, and rice, and also pop, sweet, bundled suppers, and nibble sustenances. Spotlight on high-fiber complex starches—otherwise called moderate discharge carbs. They are processed all the more gradually, in this way keeping your body from delivering excessively insulin.

A diabetes eating regimen depends on eating three dinners every day at consistent circumstances. This enables your body to all the more likely utilize the insulin it creates or overcomes a pharmaceutical. If you can’t find anything successfully then go for the special needs tutoring. They can make a good diet plan for you. Eat in a right amount of portion three times a day. Eating a diabetic diet doesn’t mean at all that you are discharging sugar altogether, but like most of us, outcomes are you absorb more sugar than is healthy. Always ask for help from your dietician, they know very well how to tackle your inner conditions efficiently.

Author Bio:
Julie is a Professional health writer, experienced blogger, and a coach. She is a
writer by day and a reader by night. She also loves to write about beauty,
education, technology etc. Currently she is working with


7 Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality For A Healthy Lifestyle


Did you know that your indoor air quality could be much worse than the air quality outside your house? Indoor air is often more polluted than the ambient air due to various reasons and breathing in this polluted indoor air can cause severe health hazards. Especially if you have children, elderly or someone with a pre existing respiratory disease living in your home and is breathing the polluted air. This is because these group of individuals are more sensitive to the harmful hazards of poor indoor air quality.

We often consider the need to reduce the pollution and improve the air quality outdoor but it is equally important to improve the indoor air quality. And there are a variety of approaches that can be used to accomplish this goal-


  1. Cut out cigarette smoke- Cigarette smoke not only affects the person smoking the cigarette but also everyone around them. You might already be aware of the hazards of smoking but passive smoking also has its numerous side effects. If you cannot quit smoking altogether, the least you could do is to do it outside. Smoking inside the house should be strictly discouraged as it pollutes the air inside the house and reduces the air quality.

Continue reading

Joint Support Supplements – A natural remedy to alleviate the pains


Are you among those people who wake up with the feeling of stiffness in hips, knee, back, feet or other parts of body? Numbness, pain, and inflammation in joints indicate that bones/ joints are not doing well. Natural Joint Support Supplements are quite effective to relieve these painful symptoms.

Natural Joint Support SupplementsUsually, we don’t pay much attention to our joints, until they turn into a bigger issue. Painful joints disrupt day to day activities and deteriorate the quality of life as well. It is important to start taking care of joint on time. Joint Health Supplements nurture the bones health and also provide much needed relief to sufferers.Continue reading

Understanding the causes and consequences of acid reflux

Acid reflux is a known ailment that affects almost every individual. It is not akin to a medical emergency but can cause extreme uneasiness and shooting pain. However before delving into the treatment options available for combating acid reflux it is better to acquire a clear idea about the cause and effects of acid reflux

A brief delineation of acid reflux

In order to know What Is Acid Reflux one needs to understand the process of food digestion. The digestion of food starts in the mouth with the mechanical mastication of food particles and its combination with saliva. The prepared food bolus is then gulped and it travels through the esophagus into the stomach. Once the food enters the stomach the next phase of digestion is initiated and the sphincter muscles called LES close. In normal digestion the food is further simplified and pushed towards the small intestine. But if the stomach fails to churn the food appropriately due to high concentration of acid then the food is expelled through the LES towards the esophagus. The reverse action results in what is known as acid reflux. The expulsion of regurgitated food happens through the mouth but as the semi digested food is highly acidic it causes substantial pain when it flows back into the esophagus.

The signs which are indicative of food regurgitation

Symptoms of Acid Reflux includes many signs of discomfort that a person feels. The most common problems that are experienced by people who are suffering from acid reflux include the following:

  • The primary symptom that is observed is stomach heaviness after having a normal meal. The heaviness is caused due to the formation of gas from acid.
  • Coughing up semi digested food from the stomach that is sour to taste.
  • Accumulation of sour liquid in the mouth when one burps.
  • Pain in the chest that radiates from the middle part of the thoracic region.
  • Vomiting food right after having a meal.
  • Pain in stomach and also the throat.
  • Heartburn or radiating pain is in the chest area.

Even though acid reflux is a very common ailment but it should not be taken lightly. Long term or consistent occurrence of acid reflux can cause irreparable damage to the internal organs, these include the following:

  • Hoarseness in the natural voice due to constant irritation caused by throwing up regurgitated acidic food.
  • Scarring of the inner epithelia of the esophagus due to the movement of acidic contents from the stomach.
  • Weakness of the sphincter muscle that connect the esophagus with the stomach due to repeated regurgitation.
  • Decreased functionality of the stomach due to excessive acid buildup.
  • Loss of appetite due to indigestion.

Therefore the commonness of acid reflux should not be a reason to neglect severe and constant bouts of acidic reaction from the stomach. If antacids are not effective in controlling acid reflux then other modes of treatment should be discussed with the family physician for reducing regurgitation or acid reflux. A diet and exercise regime should be formulated keeping the problem of acid reflux in mind.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Treatable

Is Erectile Dysfunction Treatable?


Premature ejaculation is a fairly common and cures condition where a person tilts quickly in the sex act-or at the earlier stages of orgasm before or after At some time, one in three people can be influenced by premature ejaculation. There are many physiological and psychological factors and, for many men, a combination of medication, counseling and sexual techniques can help them overcome the situation and delay ejaculation, so let’s know is erectile dysfunction treatable?

Effect of erectile dysfunction

The effect of being erectile dysfunction is also quite common and both physical and psychological causes are due. Due to being erectile dysfunction, a person may experience difficulty in getting or maintaining adequate construction for sexual intercourse. Every person, at some point, can experience some direct difficulties, but according to the Mayo Clinic, due to being erectile dysfunction, at least 25 percent erectile dysfunction is a major problem. With premature ejaculation, many men respond well to medicines – due to directness and / or for any underlying physical condition.

Physical cause of direct defect

Unlike premature ejaculation, the physical causes of direct inefficiency are more likely to occur later in life and failure to be erectile dysfunction is often a sign of serious physical problems or illness. In many cases, heart failure or atherosclerosis may be uncontrolled in men with direct failure. Diabetes, hypertension and metabolic syndrome can also cause directness, and this is the reason that it is important for men to seek medical help if they experience a marked change in their actions.

Some medicines can be erectile dysfunction due to directness, such as alcohol and drug abuse and even tobacco use. Nervous disorders such as Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis can inhibit nerve impulses of the penis. Peroni’s disease causes the curvature of the penis that can make the verbs painful and in severe cases, prevents the occurring action, so let’s know is erectile dysfunction treatable?

Methods of treating psychological disorders

Psychotherapy – The main methods of treating psychological forms of direct defects are methods of sexual therapy. One of the main functions of medicine is to help in dealing with the fear of sexual harassment. Discussion of the problem of being together with partner is recommended. In this phase of treatment, psychiatrist identifies and eliminates the main cause of psychological ED.

Often, psychological disorders are against the background of a failure, which develops in the syndrome of anxiety over sexual failure. These disorders are well-cured by psychotherapy and often do not require other forms of treatment.

Conclusion :- The effect of being erectile dysfunction can be both scary and depressing. While it may not be right immediately, the victims should know that there are many options at the time of treatment – and in many cases, natural remedies can make a difference.


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