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What are a brain tumor and its types? Can tumors be cured?


A brain tumour, called an intracranial tumour, is an abnormal mass of tissue wherein cells grow and increase uncontrollably, apparently unchecked by the mechanisms that regulates normal cells. More than one hundred fifty different brain tumours have been documented, but the two chief groups of brain tumours are called primary and metastatic. And even if you are suffering with brain tumour you can cure it with timely treatment. You should check out brain tumour surgery cost in India and talk to a doctor right away.

Anyhow, talking about primary brain tumours, these include tumours that stem from the tissues of the brain or that of brain’s immediate surroundings. Primary tumours are considered as glial (composed of glial cells) or even non-glial (developed on or in structures of the brain, encompassing nerves, blood vessels and even glands) and benign or malignant. Speaking of metastatic brain tumours, they include tumours that emerge elsewhere in the body (like that of the breast or lungs) and migrate to the area of brain, generally through the bloodstream. Metastatic tumours are believed to be cancer and are malignant.

You know these metastatic tumours to the brain impact nearly one in four patients having cancer, or an assessed one hundred fifty thousand people a year. Up to forty percent of people having lung cancer will develop metastatic brain tumours. In the past, the result for patients diagnosed with these tumours was absolutely poor, with characteristic survival rates of only several weeks. More sophisticated diagnostic tools, apart from innovative surgical and radiation approaches, have assisted survival rates expand up to years; and even permitted for an enhanced quality of life for patients following diagnosis.

Kinds of Benign Brain Tumours

There are several types and a few are like: 

  • Chordia’s are benign, sluggishly -growing tumours that are most apparent in people ages 50 to 60. Their most common situations are the base of skull and lower portion of the spine. Though these tumours are benign, they could invade the adjacent bone and put pressure on nearing neural tissue. These are infrequent tumours, contributing to just 0.2 percent of all the primary brain tumours.
  • Craniopharyngiomas characteristically are benign, but are challenging tumours to eradicate because of their location near critical structures deep in brain. They generally arise from a part of the pituitary gland (the structure that controls many hormones in the body), so approximately all patients will require some hormone replacement therapy.
  • Gangliocytomas, ganglia’s and that of anaplastic gangliogliomas are infrequent tumours that encompass neoplastic nerve cells that are comparatively well-differentiated, emerging primarily in young adults.

Other Types of Brain Tumours

  • Hemangioblastomas are slow-enhancing tumours, commonly stemmed in the cerebellum. They emerge from blood vessels, can be huge in size and often are accompanied by a cyst. These tumours are most common in folks ages forty to sixty and are more prevalent in men than that of women.
  • Rhabdoid tumours are infrequent, highly aggressive tumours that incline to spread throughout the central nervous system. These often appear in manifold sites in the body, mainly in the kidneys. These are more prevalent in young kids, but also can emerge in adults.

Paediatric Brain Tumours

Brain tumours in children characteristically come from diverse tissues than those impacting adults. Treatments that are fairly well-tolerated by the adult brain (like radiation therapy) could prevent normal development of a child’s brain, mainly in children younger than age 5.

As per the Paediatric Brain Tumour Foundation, nearly 4,200 kids are diagnosed with a brain tumour in the U.S. Seventy-two percent of kids diagnosed with a brain tumour are younger than age fifteen. Most of these brain tumours grow in the posterior fossa (or that of back) of the brain.  Kids often present with hydrocephalus (fluid build-up in the brain) or face or body not working properly.

Remember there are some types of brain tumours that are more common in children than that of in adults. The most common kinds of Pediatric tumours are medulloblastomas, low-grade astrocytoma’s, ependymomas, craniopharyngiomas and that of brainstem gliomas.


Thus, the point is whatever type of brain tumour is it is important that you don’t take a chance. Timely treatment can get you knew life. You can talk to the doctor regarding brain tumour surgery cost in India and get started with the treatment as soon as possible for best results.

best neurology hospital in india

Neurology hospitals throughout India


India is on the edge of becoming a developed country from a developing country, and indeed, technology has something to do with it. India is running at a swift pace in the medical field as a result instead of seeking treatment abroad, people from abroad are coming to India. There are some of the best Neurology hospitals in India which are known worldwide.

The list goes as follows:

  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute
    The Fortis Memorial Research Institute is located in Gurgaon, established in the year 2001. It has a total bed count of 300, and their team is highly specialized in treating conditions like Arteriovenous Malformations, cerebral aneurysm, Subarachnoid Haemorrhage, Metastatic Spinal Column Tumors, etc.
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital
    The Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is located in New Delhi, established in the year 1996. It has a total bed count of 100, and their team is highly specialized in treating some of the most common neurological problems like epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathies, autism, etc.
  • BLK Super Speciality Hospital
    The BLK Super Speciality Hospital is located in New Delhi, established in the year 1959. It has a total bed count of 650, and their team is highly specialized in treating neuro spine ailments as well as vascular surgery.
  • Artemis Hospital
    The Artemis Hospital is located in Gurgaon, established in the year 2007. It has a total bed count of 350. Although it has been established very recently, it has a specialized unit for surgeries like a brain tumor, deep brain stimulation, stem-cell implantation, etc.
  • Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road
    The Apollo Hospitals is located in Chennai, established in the year 1983. It has a total bed count of 600. The department of neurosurgery is specialized in treating ailments like epilepsy, coma, neuropathies, multiple sclerosis, myopathies, Parkinson’s disease, Myasthenia Gravis, etc.
  • Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital
    The Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital is located in Mumbai, established in the year 2006. It has a total bed count of 750. The hospital is well known for treating ailments like brain tumors, epilepsy, head injury, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, spine tumors, etc.
  • Global Hospitals
    Global Hospitals is located in Chennai, established in the year 1999. It has a total bed count of 1000, and ther team is highly specialized in treating diseases like peripheral nerve tumor, brain, and cerebral aneurysm, intracranial hematoma, etc.
  • Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute
    The Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute is located in Mumbai, established in the year 2008. It has a total bed count of 300.

This hospital is mainly specialized in neurosurgery only.

  • IBS Institute of Brain and Spine
    The IBS Institute of Brain and Spine is located in New Delhi, established in the year 2011. It has a total bed count of 50, and their team is highly specialized in treating diseases related to neurosurgery.
  • Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh
    The Max Super Speciality Hospital is located in New Delhi, established in the year 2011. It has a total bed count of 300. This hospital is specialized in Cardiac Sciences, Neuro Sciences, Minimal Access Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery, Trauma & Critical Care, and Orthopedics & Joint Replacement.
  • Apollo Hospital
    The Apollo Hospital, located in Bangalore, is also one of the best neurology hospitals in India. It was established in the year 2007 with a bed count of 250.
  • KIMS Global
    The KIMS Global is located in Trivandrum established in the year 2002. Its specialty is using ayurvedic treatment for curing ailments.

These are the lists of all the best neurology hospitals in India. You can take into consideration any one of them according to your preferred place.

Affordable Blood Clot Brain surgery In India


What is Burr Hole Drainage?

Burr hole drainage is a surgical operation used to take away blood close to the brain. These blood clots are called subdural hematomas as a result of the type underneath the dura, which is the protecting covering of the brain. Hematomas sometimes need removal because they can compress the brain tissue and cause serious complications. Inbound cases, conventional open surgery, called a craniotomy, could also be necessary. However, several hematomas will successfully be removed using burr hole drainage, during which a small perforation is made through the bone to suction out the blood and relieve pressure on the brain.

Subdural hematomas could also be the results of significant trauma to the head or of a minor head injury, significantly in those with alternative risk factors. In patients with a chronic meninx intumescency, the blood may form and expand over time, with few if any symptoms initially. A number of the risks for developing a subdural hematoma include older age, use of medicinal drug medications, excessive alcohol consumption and repetitive injuries to the head.

To understand whether or not you are suffering from a subdural hematoma, The Doctor can perform a physical and medical examination. Imaging of your brain can presumably be necessary, which may include a CT or MRI scan.

The Burr Hole emptying Procedure

A burr hole emptying procedure needs the utilization of anaesthesia. The patient’s head is first shaved at the treatment site. Once the surgical team correctly positions the head, an antibiotic solution is applied to prevent infection. The Doctor can make a small incision within the scalp, then use a special surgical drill to form a small perforation within the skull. The dura is then cut open to reveal the intumescency. Irrigation is utilized to rinse the area out. The Doctor will next thoroughly drain the region via tubing to make sure that the blood and any excess fluid has been exhausted. Once that had been accomplished, the Doctor will shut the incision.

Risks of Burr Hole drainage

While a burr hole drainage procedure is comparatively common and far less invasive than open styles of surgical Procedure, it will still cause a variety of risks. The complications of burr hole drainage could include brain injury, accumulation of fluid around the brain, seizure, stroke, weakness, paralysis, swelling and infection.

Recovery from a Burr Hole emptying Procedure

Patients are typically needed to stay within the hospital for an amount of many days following a burr hole drainage procedure. There could also be some discomfort that your Doctor can bring down medication. A patient’s activities could also be restricted for the first few weeks once surgery, together with the advice to avoid any strenuous styles of exercise or those activities that may end in a head injury.
Many of the symptoms generally intimate with a subdural hematoma, like headaches, balance issues, numbness, weakness and speech problems, are usually resolved immediately once the surgery. Some patients need rehabilitation services to revive their previous practicality. Inbound cases, seizures could persist for a few time once the burr hole drainage procedure; however, will typically be managed by taking antiepileptic medication prescribed by your physician.


Blood Clot brain surgery Cost In India has come down to such an extent that it’s easily affordable to who so ever seeks it. Shoulders are a very vital part of our body. If you are opting for shoulder Arthroscopy, it should probably cost around 5500 USD to 6000 USD. This price could easily give you an overview of how much expenditure is needed for the surgery.
The cost mentioned above generally includes:

  • The total accommodation, including four days in the hospital and three days outside the hospital.
  • Test that is required to diagnose the blood clot in the brain including CT scan, MRI scan and Angiogram.
  • The success rate of blood clot brain surgery is 75%, and if received on time might be more than that.



Biological safety cabinets or BCS are used to provide both the clean work environment and protection for employees who can create aerosols when working with biological hazards. A biosafety cabinet is also known as biological safety cabinet which has some special appeal of its own and this has some own features and characteristics. Several different types of BSC are available and these are differentiating by the degree of biocontainment requirement. The primary purpose of a BSC is to serve as means to protect the laboratory worker and the surrounding environment from pathogens. Most biological safety cabinets are not classified under this standard because they are not typically used for large quantities of volatile chemicals. So last but not the least that the biosafety cabinet and the fume hood’s working procedures are totally different and that is why it is not possible to use a biosafety cabinet as a fume hood.

The class 2 type a biological safety cabinet is the most common safety cabinet of all the different types available. It has the common plenum from which 30% of air is exhausted and the 70% recalculated to the work area as the down flow. A key distinction is that biosafety cabinets have an internal blower motor which recalculates potentially contaminated air through HEPA filters.

Now the question where to locate this biological safety cabinet? There should have some safety procedures which must have to follow before locating any biological safety cabinet. Like-

  • Try to install BSC s to allow access to their supply and exhaust filters for annual certification testing and HEPA filter The top of the cabinet must be at least 18’ below the ceiling to field test exhaust flow according to NSF standard 49.
  • To avoid disturbing the airflow that protects the worker, locate BSCs so lab personnel existing and entering the lab do not pass in front of them.
  • To protect, do not install the biological safety cabinet directly opposite to the workstations.
  • Biosafety cabinet should be located out of the laboratory personnel traffic pattern. They can also place or located at the end of an aisle.
  • BCS should not be placed near an entryway and this cannot be avoided they should place at least 60” from behind the doorway or 40” from an adjacent door.
  • Clear zones around the cabinet should be included a minimum of 80” from opposing walls, 60” from opposing bench areas or occasional traffic areas and 40” between the BSC and bench tops along a perpendicular wall.
  • BSC along the perpendicular walls shall be placed 48” apart.
  • Make sure if two BSCs are placed next to each other there should be a minimum of 40” between them.
  • A minimum of 120” should be between two cabinets facing each other.

Work zone minimum dimensions include 40” in the front of the cabinet and 12” on each side which will be finest for locating this biosafety cabinet.

Why use Cleanroom Workbenches in Laboratory?


A laboratory is a very delicate place; a small mistake can lead to bigger mishaps. So while working in a laboratory it is very important to be careful. Cleanroom is a solution for such problems. Cleanroom is basically a facility which is used for specialized researches and productions. These research works mainly includes the manufacture of pharmaceutical items and microprocessors.

How are cleanroom designed?

Cleanrooms are designed in such a manner that there should be contaminating sources. There should be no loop hole for the entrance of low level particulates such as airborne, dust, micro-organism or vaporized particles. Hence they are designed in such a way that the cleanliness factor is never compromised.

Cleanroom workbench                                          

Cleanroom consists of cleanroom workbenches. Workstations or workbenches helps in maintaining and regulating the required environment so that they functions in a cleanroom runs smoothly without any interruptions.


A cleanroom has many applications. Let us have a look at some of the applications of cleanroom workbench in a laboratory.

  1. Cleanrooms facility is especially for manufacturing pharmaceuticals items and microprocessors.
  2. These facilities are also used to manufacture aerospace semiconductors and engineering applications.
  3. The important part is they do not contain any type of environmental pollutants and are extremely safe.
  4. Cleanroom workbench is mainly used for high end experiments.
  5. The facility is isolated. Hence it helps in keeping it clean even if the rest of the laboratory is a mess.

Requirements for working on a cleanroom workbench in a laboratory

A cleanroom workbench is maintained just so no contaminants enter into the room. There are very restricted numbers of people who are allowed to work on a cleanroom workbench. The entry of more people can lead to the entrance of dust particles. Cleanroom workbenches can vary in sizes as well depending on the type of work which has to be conducted on the workbench. For smaller experiments a workbench of smaller sizes is enough but for bigger tasks to take up the size of the cleanroom as well as the workbench should be big enough in size.

There are uniforms for the people who work in the cleanroom workbench. Just to avoid any entry of unwanted particles these rules are strictly followed by all the personnel who works on a cleanroom workbench. The uniforms are specially designed to capture or lock all the contaminants which are generated by the body or the skin.

People who work on a Recirculating Clean Bench are highly trained professionals. They are trained very precisely in contamination control theory. The entry and exit in a cleanroom is made through airlock. This is done so that there is less chance of any harmful substance entering into the room and contaminates any other working projects.

Uniform requirements to work on a cleanroom workbench

As mentioned earlier the cleanroom workbench works have special uniforms to work in such an environment. Their uniforms mostly consists of boots and shoes, aprons, bouffant caps, beard cover, lab coats and face masks, gowns and gloves and also shoe covers. These are the major things which the workers need to possess before entering a cleanroom.


Hence, these are the uses and requirements of a cleanroom workbench in a laboratory.

Some ignored symptoms of Stomach Cancer


The truth is that majority of the people, of all ages and gender are found to ignore to the issues faced by their bodies and hence, tend to ignore the symptoms and signs displayed by their body as a warning for needing greater care. It is considered to be a common reason for patients suffering from stomach cancer to not get second lease of life due to lack of timely and proper treatment. If such symptoms arise, then they are mostly ignored, only to find out that the cancer has come to the last stage, whereby treatment becomes impossible. But the fact is that identifying stomach cancer symptoms can be real tough. Some are found to be so mild and common such that many simply ignore them until they have been diagnosed completely. Therefore, such symptoms if faced with should not be overlooked, ignored or neglected at any point of time. Since Stomach Cancer Treatment Cost in India is quite affordable, the average person does not have to worry about undergoing expensive treatments.

Some symptoms that are generally ignored

  • Stomach upsets or stomach ache: A good number of people of all ages tend to experience stomach upsets almost every single day. It can be symptoms of cancer. But this does not necessarily mean that all stomach upsets and aches lead to cancer. It will be crucial to take into consideration three main aspects like:
    • Firstly, is the stomach ache caused due to digestive problems? In case, this situation remains unexplained, then visiting the doctor immediately will be necessary.
    • Secondly, what type of pain is being experienced? Although majority simply feels pain, there are indeed different kinds of pain that may emerge. Cancer caused pain generally are dull ache, which pressed inwardly. Even position of pain could provide the person with an idea of exactly where the issue is being faced.
    • Thirdly, duration of the stomach ache or upset and does it come back again and again or is persistent? Performing ultrasound will help to check the issue. Diagnosing stomach tumor might spell difference with regards to recovery chances and treatment provided.
  • Acid stomach: It is considered to be an early symptom related to stomach cancer. There is a tendency to feel full even after having small meal or not having consumed much. There may be feeling of indigestion or fullness, where people are found to take some antacids or allow acid stomach to pass. Usually, it is overeating or indigestion due to which there is caused acid stomach. But if the person experiences bouts of this condition quite often and this too without consuming much, then it is definitely reason for taking concern.
  • Sudden weight loss: Weight loss is desired by many, especially those who have grown fat or obese. Although a desirable change, drastic and unexplained weight loss can be dangerous and might signify some health issue. This can actually be early symptom leading to stomach cancer. Cancer taking place in the stomach region, usually affects the ability of the body to digest food properly, thereby affecting the appetite negatively. Any type of surprising and unusual fat loss, if not accompanied with exercise routine or diet change is to be consulted without any delay with a good doctor.
  • Advanced stomach cancer symptoms: It is commonly noticed that a good number of people heed to their bodies only if they experience enhanced telltale symptoms like vomiting blood, vomiting, fatigue or weakness and blood presence in stool, etc. They are more serious symptoms and can be an indication of the cancer being in an advanced stage. Perhaps, it might have become late to seek proper and effective treatment to become normal again.

Therefore, it will be vital for every person to give his/her body the kind of credit that it deserves. Proper attention needs to be paid if something unusual is experienced, since the body could be telling something that needs to be heeded immediately and proper action taken. The most common, mildest and earliest symptoms associated with stomach cancer are undoubtedly the most important. It entirely depends upon how fast the person can react to the symptoms and treat the issue. Faster actions and checking with the top doctors can help save precious life.

Stomach Cancer Treatment Cost in India is very much reasonable allowing everyone to get proper and complete treatment.

Orthopedic Doctor in Chennai

Orthopedic surgical remedy for joint problems


The number of people facing joint problems is increasing at a rapid pace. This problem is noticed mostly among seniors and the elderly people. Even those who are into specific occupations and professions are faced with such problems and hence, will require to take the assistance of the best orthopedic surgeons in chennai. The qualified and highly respected surgeons are sure to recommend non-operative and operative techniques. Continue reading

5 common misconceptions and myths about Chemotherapy debunked


Chemotherapy is a common medical procedure that is being recommended to patients all over the world by qualified and experienced doctors. This is to provide treatment for various types of ailments. But still, patients are found to be concerned with regards to the usage of chemotherapy drugs including its side effects. With cost of chemotherapy in india being reasonable, patients can now lead a disease-free life.

About chemotherapy

It is used mainly for treating cancer, which is considered to be a dangerous and life threatening disease. It is impotent to diagnose this ailment on time, so as to avail correct and effective treatment. This is often delivered through targeted drug therapy, radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy.

Some common facts and myths about chemotherapy

  • Reproduction process after chemotherapy gets stopped in both women and men: It is undoubtedly among the worst facts still believed by people. This is rather things of the past and new advancements in medical technology have made it possible for couples to conceive successfully even after undergoing chemotherapy. Medical oncologists do their best to retain the patient’s fertility during chemotherapy. High risk women are prescribed few medications prior to administering chemotherapy drugs for suppressing ovarian function. Women and men, in other cases are recommended to have their eggs and sperms frozen in a bank before undertaking chemotherapy. However, it is not mandatory in all cases. After treatment, a good number of patients have been reported to conceive naturally.
  • Hair loss faced by cancer patients having undergone chemotherapy: It is not something true and not every drug administered triggers hair fall among patients. This is because different drugs tend to have different mechanisms for stopping tumour cell proliferation with regards to different cancers. It is only a handful that might cause hair thinning and not full hair loss. Oncologists these days are found to use chemotherapy drugs that are specific targeted medications. They are modified for targeting only the cancer cells and to spare the other dividing cells within the body. Patients who are identified for hair loss symptoms as the side effect of chemotherapy are recommended to avail scalp cooling after the chemo procedure. Blood flow to scalp is restricted for few hours. Hence, there is experienced less exposure of follicles to chemotherapy drugs which travel through blood.
  • Chemotherapy is advised only to treat cancers in worst case scenario: Chemotherapy drug usage tends to vary from person to person. They also form independent cancer treatment and for others is used along with radiotherapy. Still the cancer grade or stage does not mean it is the worst. Generally, chemo is done on the brain if the patient has to undergo surgical procedure to remove cancer. Chemo is administered for brain before surgery, to reduce tumour size. It helps the surgeons to easily eliminate the tumour instantly and fully while performing the surgery, after reduction of tumour size. It is also recommended to ensure that the patient’s condition remains stable. The oncologist evaluates the need for chemotherapy while coming up with the treatment plan. So, if the person has been recommended chemotherapy, this does not necessarily mean that his/her cancer is worse.
  • It is possible to avoid chemotherapy due to availability of various advanced treatment options: Although there are numerous treatment options for cancer available these days, chemotherapy drugs still are known to work wonders. It either stops the cancer cells from further development or destroys them. This principle to treat cancer is still not provided by any other medication.
  • Two side effects of chemotherapy are vomiting and nausea: These were considered to be the side effects of chemo sometime back and not as of now. With medical technology and modern medications, such issues have been successfully curbed. Patients are presently being prescribed with few medicines prior to chemo. Such medications are good enough to suppress the side effects of chemo like vomiting and nausea. Few patients might experience tiredness and fatigue after undergoing several chemo sessions. One common side effect is fatigue which accumulates over couple of sessions. After the patient has availed 5-6 chemo sessions, he/she might experience such side effects.

The cost of chemotherapy in india is quite affordable allowing cancer patients to get back to their normal lives.


Effective Tips to Find The Best Orthopedic Doctors


Effective Tips to Find The Best Orthopedic Doctors

A proficient orthopedic medical procedure is intended to treat the issue of the musculoskeletal system that outcome from games wounds or conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, joint pain, knee, and hip issues. The wellbeing and mending of joints, ligaments, tendons, and bones go under the aegis of orthopedic consideration. An orthopedic medical procedure is most famously used to correct serious knee wounds that outcome from injury or stress coming about because of extraordinary games exercises. An orthopedic medical procedure is likewise successful in the fix of hip wounds that outcome from injury, breaks or joint inflammation. Before, conditions like a tennis elbow were hard to treat. However, the orthopedic medical procedure has made it feasible for sportspeople to recover their movement after they have been dealt with.

Finding the Best Orthopedic Surgeon

Check the qualifications of any doctor or specialist through a State, Provincial or National Board of Orthopedic Surgeons to discover data about a specific doctor, specialist or authority in different orthopedic treatment and careful fields. An orthopedic specialist can have some expertise in certain body regions. Some spend significant time in fields, for example, sports or injury medication, while others represent considerable authority in the treatment of joint inflammation. Get some information about preparing, knowledge, and qualifications before choosing an orthopedic specialist in Gurgaon, regardless of where you go. Undoubtedly, India has turned into the therapeutic the travel industry capital of the cutting edge world for Orthopedic medical procedure and Knee Surgery. Offering the most recent mechanical advances, experienced and master doctors and specialists and the absolute best in patient consideration.

State-of-the-art orthopedic facilities and highly trained and experienced orthopedic surgeons in India offer knee techniques and procedures such as:

• Arthroscopic meniscectomy
• Bilateral knee replacement
• Meniscal repair
• ACL reconstruction
• PCL reconstruction
• Patellar stabilization
• Total knee replacement
• Unicondylar knee replacement

Some of the tips, which can help you to find the best orthopedic surgeon, are:

Checking the credentials of the orthopedic surgeon:

You should to dependably take some time in auditing about the specialist’s understanding, expertise, instructive foundation, therapeutic degree, and the preparation. You should to also look in the event that he/she is affirmed from the board.

Contact your Local Doctor: Take help from your neighborhood doctor, and get a rundown of the best orthopedic specialists, who are had practical experience in the specific region you require. For instance, on the off chance that you need to go for knee substitution, at that point you should look at someone who has a specialization in that.

Inquire about the skill:

You can assess the expertise by asking the specialist different inquiries like the number of medical procedures they perform every year. An exceedingly fruitful careful practice implies, if the specialist performs about in excess of 25 medical procedures of a specific sort for every year. You ought to likewise ask how they manage the confusing cases.

Go for a consultation: Once you make the list of the orthopedic surgeons, the next step should be to schedule an appointment for a consultation with the doctors. Discuss your problem in details with them and take their opinion. The discussion with the doctors will help you decide who the right surgeon for you is.

Spine Tumor Surgery Cost in India

Advanced surgical care for spinal tutor in India at moderate cost


The term tumor refers to the presence of an abnormal mass of cells that form a pathological tissue within healthy tissue. When this neoformation grows in the context of the vertebral column, we speak of a spinal tumor.

The causes of spinal tumor

The tumors of the back can arise from lesions that develop in the vertebral column, from areas adjacent to the column itself or from localizations, by blood or lymphatic route, of malignant lesions born at a distance. Neoplasms of the spine are distinguished into primary and secondary tumors.

Primary tumors originate from the cells that make up the skeleton of the column itself (for example from cartilages or bone) while secondary or metastatic tumors originate from tissues of other organs (prostate, breast, kidney, lungs, lymphatic system, etc.) and grow in the spinal column.

The primary tumors of the spine are then distinguished as benign and malignant on the basis of their intrinsic characteristics of aggressiveness towards neighboring tissues or based on their ability to metastasize at a distance. By contrast, secondary tumors of the spine are by definition malignant and represent the tumor lesion most frequently observed by orthopedists.


Vertebral tumors can remain asymptomatic for a long time leading to an inevitable diagnostic and therapeutic delay.

When the symptoms manifest, they are usually the result of an expansion of the tumor mass beyond the bony limits with vertebral destruction and consequent vertebral instability, compression or invasion of the marrow and of the spinal roots.

The symptoms caused by a neoplasm of the vertebral column are many – one can find non-specific symptoms such as weight loss, generalized malaise, and fever, but more frequently the patient complains of pain localized at the site of the tumor.

The neoplastic pain is typically continuous, often occurs at night and responds little to common anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers.


The computerized tomography (CT) is the best tool for the study of bone tissue and allows optimal visualization of the skeletal lesion. In the case of the tumor, this appears as an osteolytic lesion, which, in other words, affects and destroys the bone tissue.

In recent years a particularly effective method has been introduced in the diagnosis of tumors, positron emission tomography (PET), which identifies metabolically very active areas of the body, as in the case of neoplasms.

The final assessment is, however, the histological examination, performed after bone or soft tissue biopsy. The result allows distinguishing with absolute certainty the benign formations from the malignant ones, the primary tumor from the secondary ones

The treatment for spinal tumor

The tumors of the vertebral column are treated differently, depending on the type of tumor (primary or secondary), of its aggressiveness (benign or malignant) and of the histotype and, therefore, of its greater or lesser sensitivity to chemotherapy and to radiotherapy.

In principle, the concept holds that the tumor mass must be removed entirely. If this possibility is not feasible, instead of a therapeutic intervention, only palliative therapy can be planned.

Another fundamental aspect of the choice of the treatment of vertebral neoplasms is the presence of a pathological fracture with consequent vertebral instability. This condition, in addition to being very painful, is also dangerous as it increases the risk of compression and neurological damage. Therefore, faced with a fracture of this type, it is necessary to protect the patient with a suitable rigid or semi-rigid corset and, in some cases, it is necessary to opt for a vertebral stabilization surgical operation in order to to avoid the risk of neurological compression.

Surgery, therefore, plays a crucial role in the treatment of tumors of the spine. It aims fundamentally at restoring stability and removing the tumor mass. This last option, however, may, for purely anatomical reasons, be challenging because it is necessary to protect and preserve fundamental neighboring structures including spinal cord, nerve roots, large arterial and venous vessels.

Spine Tumor Surgery Cost in India

There are several top orthopedic hospitals in India that carry out spinal tumor surgery. The most well known among these are Christian Medical College at Vellore and Fortis Memorial Research Institute at Gurgaon. Operation on the spine by best surgeons may cost about INR 4 lakhs, or USD 5,500 and chemotherapy may require an additional INR 6 lakhs or USD 8,300 for 3 cycles.