How Often Should You Epilate?

How Often Should You Epilate?


Epilating! Aaahhh, that thing you dread but you really do need to get the job done every once in a while. But really, how often should you epilate? Should it be a two –weekly ritual or a more spaced leisurely activity. You’ll soon find out !

Most people who are new to epilation are especially curious about this. While hair growth cycles do heavily depend on individual factors and traits of a person, here is a general idea of when to epilate.

Consistency is key:

Your bodily hair growth does not have to be all that perfect. You might notice that some areas are real rigorous with hair while with the others; the hairiness goes a little light! Inconsistent hair growth patterns are pretty normal, but they do require a little evening out for the sake of your convenience. When you epilate regularly, figuring out the regularity through whenever those hairs poke their heads out, you can achieve a little consistency over time. When your hair growth becomes consistent, it becomes easier to manage and remove your hairs revealing long lasting results.

The frequency of your hair growth:

Figuring out your hair growth cycle is a must when you want to figure out how often to go for an epilation session. You might need more frequent sessions or scantier ones depending on how fast and dense your hair grows back. Once you figure this out, you can set specific timely sessions for your epilation. This is especially helpful as this will eventually make your hair growth uniform and you won’t have anymore wayward hairs!

Your hair phases in a little detail:

All hairs have two basic phases- a resting phase and a growing phase. When you notice your hairs sprouting out, they are in anagen phase. If your hairs have stopped growing, it’s the catagen phase. The catagen marks the hair being dormant .the bad news is that some of your hairs could be in one phase and the rest in another. This certainly messes up hair removal sessions. But, with consistent epilation sessions , your hair phases align and you can easily remove the maximum amount of hair in one sitting, leaving behind less follow ups.

The trick to align your hair cycles:

For the sole reason of everyone’s hair growth patterns being different, the method to align your hair cycles will be just as different. You have to figure out your own schedule. It is recommended to try and start with best epilator for women every two weeks, this will most probably get your hair cycles all aligned up. If this doesn’t do the job, increase the session to once a week.

Differences across your body:

Additionally, the hair growth also depends on the specific body part. The hair on your underarms grows much faster than the hair on your legs. Thus, it is pretty apparent that sensitive areas need more frequent epilation than areas that take longer to develop hairs.


How often you should epilate your hairs depends heavily on the body part you are talking of and the intensity of hair growth that you experience. But, you can make epilation more manageable and effective by consistently following simple steps.

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