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Returning to work after heart surgery? Follow these tips to avoid problems


Heart surgery is very common today. One of the disheartening facts is that this procedure is common in young people, which was earlier common in old age people. Thanks to the stressful life and bad eating habits, that is causing high number of heart troubles. Statistics have proved that individuals between the ages of 25 to 50 have the highest number of chances of getting heart problems. Unhealthy eating habits, stress, obesity are the top most reasons to get heart problems. So, if you are facing an issue pertaining to your heart, consult the doctor immediately.

Heart surgery is a procedure that is performed on heart and the tissues around heart. There are various kinds of procedures that can be performed like open heart surgery, bypass surgery, heart replacement. Whatever is your condition, just find the best cardiology doctor in India to get the procedure done. This way you can avoid lot of troubles during and after the surgery. One of the good things about heart surgeries today is that, with advancement in medical field, these procedures can be performed with minimum incisions, leading to small recovery period.

Recovery period

Even though the surgeries performed today are minimally invasive, still a common procedure can take 4 – 5 weeks for recovery. Since, heart surgeries are sensitive; therefore a patient needs to take proper care during the recovery period. You can speed up the recovery process by following these tips:-

  • Make sure you keep the incision dry while bathing
  • Don’t use any other cleaning agent other than soap and water
  • Even if the incision is wet, dry it as soon as possible to avoid any septic
  • Stick to the diet prescribed by the doctor for speeding up the process

Joining work after surgery

Resuming your work can be faster depending on how well you take care of yourself after the surgery. Here are some tips that can help you resume your work faster:-

  • Don’t lift any heavy objects after surgery as this can lead to opening of incision
  • Slowly and gradually increase your physical activities
  • Pace yourself during the various activities you perform during the day
  • Avoid sleeping in daytime that can reduce your night sleep
  • Sleep well during night hours

If you follow these tips, it can increase your chances of returning to work faster.

Remember one thing, heart surgery though may be a common procedure amongst doctors but choosing the best cardiac specialist in India would not only help in easy recovery but also help in avoiding future problems.

Also, you need to make serious lifestyle changes to make sure that you don’t develop further problems. Move towards more healthy way of living. Avoid any junk food or late working hours. People usually have a mindset that after heart surgery all you require is bed rest. But the truth is absolutely opposite. Bringing some changes can help you achieve healthy and long life.


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