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5 Easy Tips for Normal Delivery


The birth of a child is the most natural and pleasant experience for a woman. But some people consider normal delivery very painful and risky. Preparation of normal delivery is important because today most women are doing the first pregnancy and there is a lack of exercise in their daily life.

These 5 easy tips will help you prepare for Normal Delivery.

1- Be Aware – Normal Delivery is more secure for both mother and child, and has many benefits. Not only does the mother recover quickly but the child is less likely to have problems of swelling. On the other hand, during the cesarean operation, the mother’s intestine and urine sac are at risk of getting hurt. Even after cesarean, some women also have a risk of serious complications in the next pregnancy. You should take part in antenatal classes to prepare mental and physical preparation for normal delivery. In these classes, you are given the information related to the normal delivery process and you are also taught exercises and breathing style. These increase the ability of the labor of the mother to increase and ease of labor.

2- Wise choice in the doctor – When you select a doctor for your delivery, you should let your doctor know the trend towards your normal delivery. You can learn about their experience by talking to your doctor by giving your doctor.

Dr. Swati Sinha, doctor of Sitaram Bhartia Hospital says, “Cesarean rates for pregnant women should be less than 25% for the first time.”

3- Keep an eye on your weight and exercise everyday – Increasing weight during pregnancy can be harmful to the child and the mother. You do not need to eat for yourself and your child twice. You only have to eat 200-300 calories.

Doctor Swati says, “Do not forget to exercise every day. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, then you start with a 10 – 15-minute walk. Gradually, you increased it to 40 minutes per day. This will increase your tolerance as you will be able to bear the labor. “

4- Choose your ‘Birth Partner’ – Choose someone who you can trust completely and who understands you. Although for many women this person is their husband, your ‘birth partner’ can also be your mother or mother-in-law. Both of you should take part in antenatal class together. In this, your ‘birth partner’ will be taught how to massage your body during labor, which exercises should be done and how to encourage you.

5- Trust in yourself- Your body is naturally produced to give birth to a baby. You should believe that you will be able to pass through your childhood well. Just practice your exercise and breathing style regularly and keep your focus on the baby you are having.

For centuries women have been giving birth to their families with the help of their families. You should have full faith in yourself and your preparation.

After her first delivery in Sitaram Bhartia Hospital, Sonali Verma says, “I am so happy that I got a hospital and doctor who encourages normal delivery. At the beginning, I thought I would get cesarean But when I understood the benefits of normal delivery, I changed my decision. Labor exercises that I learned in antenatal class came to me very much during delivery. The doctor prompted my husband to stay with me at the time of labor. “

The natural way of delivery is a normal delivery. Every healthy woman should make every effort to give birth through normal delivery.

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What Women Should Know for Normal Delivery –  How much pain has to go to born a baby. Desk- Normal delivery in today’s time has started to be considered similar to a Luck so that every woman wants to know about the normal delivery method. Every woman wants her to be a young and beautiful baby too, (normal delivery), but a mother can understand the pain of the birth of a child, how much pain has to go through to create a child.

  • Women have to take care of everything before their delivery.
  • It is every pregnant woman who wants normal delivery without any suffering.
  • But the problems associated with weak bodies, bad habits, and pregnancy, do not allow this to happen.
  • But many women who do not want to undergo a cesarean section (through surgery)
  • There is no such symptom so that it can be ascertained that delivery of a child is Caesarean or normal.

But still, due to some reasons, cesarean delivery is done instead of delivery Normal while pregnancy, although if you give attention to these things given below, then it is very possible that the delivery of the baby will be normal. Today, we will give you information on how delivery is done, in which you can get a baby from normal delivery after getting pregnant for normal delivery of pregnancy.


  • Vaginal delivery


  • Cesarean delivery



Both deliveries is right in their place but where the mother gets healthy after the delivery of a normal delivery, it takes a little longer for the mother to recover after being delivered from the same cesarean.

Regularly consult a doctor for normal delivery. Doctors not only increase your morale at this time but also remove the fears related to delivery.

Tell delivery if there is anything related to delivery. Pressing inside thing only increases anger which causes stress. Do not pay attention to the words here, during this time you can talk to friends, relatives, and even your neighbors. Always eat anything with doctor’s advice

Walking on foot in pregnancy is the best way to get normal delivery, take some time off during the day for the picnic. This will not only make you feel relaxed but the fresh air will work for you and your child. Whether you want to stroll in the park around your house for some time in the morning or evenings.

It has been seen mostly that in pregnancy, women are asked to rest, but in addition to comfort, it is important that what they are doing to keep themselves healthy. Actually, pregnancy muscles are very healthy and strong because it helps in fighting pain during labor. Keep in mind that while doing exercise, do not take too much weight and get advice from a specialist.

What you eat and what you are not eating in pregnancy also contributes to your normal delivery. In such a situation, you eat the right diet at the right time. Iron and calcium deficiency should not be given in pregnancy for this, green vegetables should be consumed. Include juice, egg and fruits etc. in your diet. This will keep you and your child developing protein and vitamins in your stomach. You can take a medicine with your doctor’s advice