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Being Selfless is Being Selfish!


Another day at office? Spending another week drowned neck deep in work? Overworking, overstressed? Totally drained out? Want a quick escapade but you can’t because of being jam-packed in various tasks and events? No room for yourself? Cutting your yoga classes, no socializing, skipping all happening parties and meals?

Have you reached this state? Then, we suggest you remind yourself and speak this on repeat, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Self Care

The monotony, our submissive nature, lethargic attitude has sucked the life out of us. We have reached a complete state of distress. The only thing that keeps us going is the hunger for money. Obviously, that is to gift ourselves a normal life. But, is it the only thing that matters. Is this what all we need to live (With a lot of stress)?

Keeping self care on the back burner is what we do! Unless and until this lifestyle takes a toll on us we do not actually bother to change it.

Maybe, it is too much to ask for these days but self care is pivotal for our mental, physical, emotional well being. Self health care shouldn’t be neglected. Just a few changes and life is sorted!

Nobody is asking you to quit work, you just need to maintain balance: No one ever said work holism is a virtue! Right? Make your work part of your life but don’t make it your life. Working does pay you, leads your overall growth and development but at the same time too much of it ruins your life and shatters your mental health. Today, because of this over exhaustion, we are becoming unproductive, depleting emotionally. Every day, almost every year more and more people are falling prey to health problems, no matter how young you are or old, every other person has anxiety problems, insomnia; the count of depression patients is on the rise. You need to take care of yourself by setting certain professional boundaries.

Know your worth: Fall in love with yourself, maintain a beautiful relationship with yourself. Because, they say if you love yourself, everything will start falling in place. Nothing will now bother you, as now you don’t need anybody else to look after your needs. Self love and self care helps boost your confidence, creates a positive aura around you, raises your self esteem and constantly reminds you to value yourself more than anything else in this world.

Helps beat stress: Stress cannot be blamed always for putting you in distress as it is nudges you every time or acts as a reminder to finish work before deadlines! However, too much of anything is never good. Smart self-care habits like eating healthy, connecting with a loved one or, practicing meditation helps eliminate and cut down the negative and toxic effects of stress. It helps improve your mood and boost your energy and confidence levels.

 Don’t just exist but LIVE! Life the most precious gift we have. How do we even dare to waste it?

It should be wasted running after office work, deadlines rather set travel goals, fitness goals, happiness goals make a bucket list and work every day to achieve it. Take up a new hobby, learn new language, never stop exploring, and never stop investing in yourself.

Better physical health: Self-care does not just emphasize your mental health, but your physical health is equally important. Take care of yourself. Take adequate sleep, go out on walks, eating healthy, exercising daily, taking short trips, will bring lost charm in your life again.

Improved mental state: Keeping yourself away from work for a short while will fill you with great zeal and you will come back to work supercharged, with loads of energy.

Are you ready to now hop onto the self-care bandwagon? Simple and fun way to get you started. Adapting a self care routine will inject life inside of you.

Start with a morning jog, run to kick start your day.

  1. Go for a run or a light jog.
  2. Practice deep breathing for just five minutes.
  3. Do meditation daily.
  4. Go on short weekend trips.
  5. Join dance classes.
  6. Learn a new language.
  7. Go for a movie.
  8. Adrenaline junkie? Don’t stop yourself.

Busy schedule doesn’t allow us to take care of ourselves, our parents, our kids. At this time, technology comes to the rescue to save our time. By spending money on the latest technology and products we ease our work, improve our life and invest the time saved in some other activities.

Nowadays, technology is growing and it has made such a progress that we can take care of our health at the comfort of our home. Fractured leg, broken arm, muscle spasm or tear whatever, self help home care medical equipments help us out a lot.

Various websites doing rounds in the cyber space for promoting, selling self care products. Health is definitely important but it shouldn’t come at very high cost. Be nice to your health and bank account!

No need to break the bank as the highly competitive market has made everything affordable so as that people are attracted to the best offers. It is time you start taking care of yourself with the best. Dependency on anybody was never good so why even practice it? Why to live deprived of comfort and to live in a state of unhealthiness? Surf the internet and get going with variety of products that give you the privilege for self indulgence!

Some products like mobility scooters, medical scooters, strassburg socks, genutrain knee brace, bunion correctors etc. won’t let your self care routine suffer. You can still spare time for yourself, move freely, happily, meditate, and exercise daily. This advancement in self help care products won’t stop you from keeping on top of your priority list for even a single day.

So, now let no one, no work and nothing stop you from keeping yourself first! And, don’t forget self care is the key to happiness!