Natural Foods That Boost Women Fertility

Natural Foods That Boost Women Fertility

Are you having a tough time conceiving as a woman? Or you are feeling that your chances of conceiving or taking in are over? Do you know that some of the foods that you eat most of the time can affect your chances of being pregnant? Or can reduce your rate of fertility to a great extent?

By fertility; we simply mean when you cannot get pregnant as a woman no matter what you do. There are many factors which can lead to this and they can range from external (outside the woman) to internal (inside the woman).

Still doubting? Research has shown that some of the foods you eat as a woman are not just artificial but are capable of reducing your fertility rate. This is based on the fact that some of them can actually consist of:

  • High acidic level
  • Nicotine
  • Caffeine
  • Less organic foods
  • Red meat
  • Refined sugar
  • Processed foods

All these forms of foods are either hostile to the sperm whenever you take them in or they age your ovaries as a woman over the course of time.

You are about to discover some natural foods that can improve your rate of being fertile as a woman that not even your doctor will reveal to you. Just read on.

How much of beans do you take?

Over the last two decades; research has shown that the intake of beans can greatly help to improve a woman’s fertility rate. This is true especially based on the fact that beans has iron content and can increase libido to a great extent.

Are you surprised about this? This can really help you a lot in attempts to conceiving especially when you consume it constantly. Even if you don’t fancy taking beans because not everybody likes the consuming it but at least; you can take nuts, and tofu as these can also serve as sources of protein.

Increase your ice cream intake

Although this can greatly increase your fertility rate as a woman in a significant manner but it can also harm it. This is especially when your consumption rate is not balanced.

This is because the milk contains phytoestrogens which have the duty of balancing the estrogens in your body. So it is very important that when consuming ice cream you should not take too much of it as it may do the opposite.

How much calcium do you take?

It has been researched that the calcium consumption rate of every woman on a daily basis should be at least 1200mg. You can always get this in the form of low-fat milk, salmon, and yogurt.

Don’t allow your system to be short of minerals and vitamins

Most of the processed foods in the market today are lacking vitamins and minerals and in such a situation and your chances as a woman will be greatly reduced. You should learn to take vitamins in the form of oranges, carrot, paw-paw; while minerals like zinc and selenium can greatly enhance your rate of conceiving. Best of all this; is that they can be very beneficial to you in other aspects because of their natural origins.

Have you been taking olive oil?

Do you know that the inflammation (The ability of the body to be immune against external attacks) in your body can interfere with your ovulation as well as chances of you ever conceiving when there is no olive oil? Olive oil is a fat that has a monosaturated nature and then can greatly help to regulate the flow of blood to your organs of reproduction. If you feel that you have been taking less of it before now; then your rate of consumption has to be increased as you can even decide to add it to what you are cooking.

If you don’t feel comfortable taking this one; then it is no problem at all as you can choose to take avocadoes and coconut oil since they serve the same purpose.

Take enough fish on a daily basis

Have you been neglecting or leaving fish behind in diet time table or meal plans for one reason or the other? You have to think otherwise because fish alone has omega-3 fatty acids which can actually be capable of improving the fertility rate of every woman.

Any woman who wants to conceive should try as much she can to take in plenty of fish. In fact, do you know that each time you take meats like chicken you are increasing your chances of not taking in as a woman?

It has been discovered that as a woman when you consume meat you reduce your chances of being fertile. Take plenty of fish from today and give yourself a chance.

Take wheat bread

Avoid those breads that have high levels of sugar quantity and always consume the ones with little or no sugar such as wheat bread.

This is plainly because it has been researched and discovered that an increased level of sugar will lead to high insulin in the body and thus is actually capable of constantly disturbing the productive hormones thereby delaying conception.

Another argument for wheat bread and consumption of less sugar is to reduce the level of insulin in the body. This is based on the fact that when your sugar level is high as a woman in your body; then you may feel pains during menstruation which will in turn affect your fertility rate.

Do you like potatoes?

Then this is your lucky day. Potatoes are very rich in vitamin E and B and are capable of improving the divisions of the cells. They also help in the production of ovaries that are very healthy and can aid fertility in women. When potatoes are consumed in the required quantity there is little or no chance for miscarriage. Any kind of potatoes in this case will do. Just make sure you are taking enough of it from henceforth.

Do you like chicken enough that you don’t feel like sacrificing it for anything? Not even for your chances of getting fertile? Then you should try to ensure that the chickens that you are going to eat are of organic nature.

The truth is that most of the chickens you eat are  inorganic and are kept in environments that are not healthy enough.

What makes them to reduce your fertility rate as a woman is that in most cases; their feeds are not natural but rather; they are modified genetically.

The solution to this problem is that you have to get your chicken from a local farmer around you that you are very sure of the means he uses to bring them up.

Take juices that are of a fresh nature

Hey! Don’t get me wrong; it is not processed juice from one factory around you but rather it should be in its natural from because most of these labeled juices have excessive sugar content that may work against your productive system.

In addition to this; take honey instead of the normal labeled processed sugar that you always take. That is if you don’t want to take natural juice or you simply can’t find any around you. Also you can take Stevia, or maple Serup as a reliable alternative.

The reason for factory juices not good enough is that they have been discovered to have too much sugar content and as such they may make the sperm of your partner not to function effectively

Do you like taking eggs?

You don’t just have to take eggs here but make sure that their yokes are of yellow colour and nothing short of it. This because eggs such colour of yoke have proven to be more nutritious than any other that is produced from the factories.

Liver is a must take

If you are going to miss out on the other ones for one reason or the other; then don’t joke with this one because it is one of the most nutritious food you can think of that is around you especially when it comes to issues of fertility. It has a very high content of vitamin D, Folic acid, iron and also vitamin B12.

It has been proven that animals that are being fed with grass have more nutritious liver than the ones that their feeds are processed. Even if you don’t like taking liver because from research it is not everyone that enjoys it; you can still use it to prepare something or better still you can grind it and use it to prepare stew. It will definitely increase your chance of conceiving.

Have you heard of Maca?

When you want to talk about any of those foods that has the ability to strike a balance between your hormones and also capable of multiplying your eggs as a woman then you have to include this in your diet.

It is a very powerful root that has the function of gradually reducing every form of menopause symptoms that may be troubling you.

It can also arouse your sexual life that may make you to be inactive for one reason or the other. You may be having problem of sexual dysfunction due to your age or the pattern of life you have decided to live. But with this natural food that has its origin from a root you may become productive again.

What about Goji?

This has been used by Asian doctors to treat people that were suffering from infertility problems in the past. It has its origin in Asia. It can help to tackle the problem that has to do with ovarian failure while it can greatly increase libido in a woman. It is not common and can be found in very few countries of the world.

You need blue – green algae

When we talk about this we are talking about chlorella and Spilurina. It has chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins and proteins as its contents. Do you want your endocrine and nervous system to be nourished? Thereby making them to properly aid the immune system? Then this should be your best bet.

Blue green algae act like blood given the fact that they supply all nutrients that will aid the body to function effectively.  By this; they enhance reproduction also decreasing any form of pre – menstrual syndromes over time.

It is always advisable that when taking this you gradually increase your rate of consumption rather than taking an over dose of it.

Taking royal jelly can ease you up a bit

Over the years there has been a huge debate concerning the efficacy of this food. Thus while some believe it is the highest of all fertility food for women. Some still believe that is not the highest in the ladder.

However; what cannot be over emphasized is how powerful it is especially among those foods that are aimed at reviving a woman’s fertility.

In fact; with this so many female reproductive functions like libido, menstruation, ovulation and of course fertilization are functioning well.

Bee pollen

This is highly nutritious and it has its source from bees. It helps to stimulate the natural ovulation of the woman.

If you want the maximum result from this one then you should it should be a daily consumption.


Are you having any kind of hormonal dysfunction? Or you are experiencing any kind of system impurity? Then this is definitely for you. It can serve as a tonic for reproduction by helping to detoxify the body system. It has very unique function which is to help the body maintain a balanced PH level. By doing this; it helps to boost your chance of conceiving because it has been proven that when the vagina becomes acidic; sperm may become unproductive or even when it does; there is a high possibility of miscarriage.

Brewer’s yeast

This has been known to be rich in vitamin B complex as well protein. One very notable function of this food is that it oversees the sugar level regulation and hormonal dysfunction.

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