5 Foods & Drinks that Stain Teeth and Possible Solutions


A white, bright smile is something that we all dream of, and such a smile makes us feel more confident. By the way, it can make you look more youthful and cheerful as well. The look of your teeth can affect your entire image. Though, maintaining a luminous smile is not an easy task since the tooth enamel is porous. That makes our teeth prone to stain.

Nobody wants to see discolored, stained teeth. Teeth darkening and discolorization is a natural thing that goes with age, though. It’s often an inevitable outcome of aging you can’t avoid. But some foods and drinks can also discolor or stain your teeth. You should avoid those “teeth-staining foods” if you want to keep your teeth white.

The certain beverages and foods discolor our teeth because of the high level of acidity. Acidic foods and drinks can wear the enamel away and soften our teeth alike. This way the teeth become vulnerable to staining. Some foods and drinks contain various pigmented molecules or chromogens. Those compounds stick to the tooth enamel, coloring the teeth.

Read on for 5 foods and drinks that stain your teeth and dull your smile.

1. Red and White Wine

Both white and red wine can stain your teeth. Red wine has the deep red color that easily sticks to teeth. It’s even worse with the white wine. Besides the teeth-staining tannins, it contains some acid compounds that cause further stains. If you can’t avoid white and/or red wine, be sure to wash your mouth away with water after a glass of wine. You may also eat some food rich in protein (like cheese) while drinking a wine.

2. Black Tea and Coffee

Coffee causes teeth stains due to its dark color, which comes from chromogens and tannins. The acidic nature of these compounds turns your teeth yellow. Believe it or not, tea is even worse for your pearly whites than coffee. This is especially true for the black tea, which is very rich in tannins. These plant-based compounds stick to teeth with ease thanks to the protein in enamel. They can erode the enamel of tooth and creates discoloration of the teeth as well.

Tips: Drink white or green tea, as they have a lower level of tannins. Consider drinking the coffee that has a to-go lid or lightening your black coffee with milk.

3. Berries

Dark colored berries like blueberries, cranberries, and blackberries may discolor your teeth. While these berries are chock-full of healthy antioxidants, they have serious “stain game.” Avoid eating them before a public appearance, when getting in touch with other people. That doesn’t mean you should completely discard this superfood. Just make sure when you eat it.

4. Pasta Sauce

Sad news for those who like lasagna, pizza, or spaghetti. Tomato sauces like ketchup and pasta sauce can stain your teeth. That happens due to their intense acidity and bright red hue. The same goes for curries. Replace these color-wise foods with dark green vegetables such as lettuce and broccoli. You can also try white wine sauces instead or eat spinach beforehand to neutralize the acid. Another solution is to pop in a sugar-free or Xylitol gum afterward.

5. Energy and Sugary Drinks

Fizzy and energy drinks contain diverse citric acids that can erode the enamel and make teeth vulnerable. Besides, those drinks are high in heavy sugars that encourage teeth decay and caries. This applies to Monster energy drinks, Soda, Gatorade, and dark fruit juices. Many sweets have the same effects, especially hard candies and cookies. If you cannot completely kick that bad habit, try to cut down on sugary drinks and delicious treats. It’s also a good idea to drink water or acidic drinks afterward to keep sugar away from your teeth. If you are an athlete, use a natural alternative (like coconut water) instead of energy drinks.

Apart from avoiding these foods and drinks, it’s important to maintain oral health. Dental habits, such as regular brushing and flossing, can help you get and maintain a bright smile. Also, make sure to visit your dentist for regular examinations and get the most out of your teeth.

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