Ways to Lose Weight and Maintain a Healthy Life


A good number of people have at some point in their lives struggled with weight. Shedding weight can be both easy and challenging. However, it’s all about attitude. With the right mindset and tact, you can shed up to in a month’s time. A person’s body weight gives people confidence and love for self not to mention the numerous health benefits.

How do you lose weight in a month

The amount of weight an individual can lose is determined by their efforts and genetic constitution. An individual can lose weight through physical exercise and nutrition\diet. Here are daily practices that will help you sustainably lose weight in a month.


Reduce carbs and sugar intake

Research has identified this as an ideal way of putting on weight. Unlike other methods of weight loss, this method will help you lose weight easily without struggling with feelings of hunger. By cutting down on carbs the cravings and appetite go down. The individual is satisfied with less food.

Cutting on carbs also works by reducing the insulin levels in the body. As a result, the body sheds water and unnecessary sodium through the kidneys which res results in less water weight. It not only leads to the loss of water weight but also fat weight.

To achieve this, aim at cutting down on sugar completely. You should also reduce your daily carbs intake to 50grams.

Make most of the fiber-loaded foods

Fiber can be obtained by eating lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Nutrition specialists recommend the daily intake of 38 grams of fiber per day for persons who intend to lose weight. Fiber is very helpful in weight loss.

There are various ways in which fiber helps in weight loss and prevention of gaining more weight. Fiber foods move much slower through the digestive tract. For this reason, you tend to eat less as you feel more full. Fiber also helps in regulating the absorption of sugar and fats in the foods we eat. Soluble fiber helps in fighting cholesterol, in the blood. Through maximizing on fiber foods, you stand to lose weight, prevent weight gain and prevention of weight-related illnesses and challenges.

Increase your intake of protein foods

Increases in protein consumption have been associated with weight loss. It is most effective for persons who intend to lose belly fat. It is advisable to start off your day on a high protein breakfast. Proteins are also low in calories making them more suitable even when consumed in large amounts. Proteins are also helpful in the reduction of feelings of hunger through hormone regulation.

Take plenty of water

It is recommended for adults to consume at least eight glasses of water per day. There are various health benefits of taking an adequate amount of water. Water helps in keeping the body hydrated and improving the general health of an individual. Research is certain that water promotes weight loss. When a person takes water alongside meals helps in preventing overeating. Taking water regularly throughout the day helps in keeping a person full in turn keeping them free from snacking.

To ensure you take a healthy amount of water, you can try the following tips:

  • Carrying around a bottle of water. Having water with you all the time will encourage you to take more of it.
  • Add some lemon or lime to your water. The lime or lemon taste in water encourages the person to takes more water. There are numerous health benefits of taking lime and\or lemon. Research suggests that taking adequate amounts of water will help in burning calories and increased metabolism. These fruits also contain components that promote digestion.

Capitalize on fruits and vegetables

Always make fruits and most vegetables of your every meal. The calories found in fruits and some vegetables are minimal. They also keep a person satisfied for longer. You can eat as many fruits and vegetables as you wish without worrying about calorie intake.

You will find the following tips helpful in making most of fruits and vegetables:

  • Prepare salads in place of meals. You should also serve salads alongside meals.
  • Make smoothies and freshly squeezed fruit juices.
  • 1qServe vegetables alongside meals and make them your first choice. Always aim at filling your plate with vegetables before you serve proteins and carbs.
  • Eat as many fruits as you can. You can start as early as at breakfast. Make a point of eating at least five servings of fruits daily.

Avoid taking high-calorie snacks, drinks, and processed foods

Excessive intake of snacks leads to obesity. When working on cutting down the weight you should choose snacks that are high in fiber and protein content. It will be helpful to only take snacks when you are hungry. If the time period before the next meal is an hour or so away, try sustaining your hunger with water.

Some drinks should be avoided as they are very high in calories. It is therefore important to keep off processed drinks such as carbonated drinks, processed juices, milkshakes, yogurt among others. Sugar added to tea or coffee and cream could also work against your weight loss efforts.

Some processed foods are very high in sugar, fat, and starch that are the major causes of weight gain. Try as much as possible to have freshly cooked foods.

It will be of great help to avoid keeping these foods at home and office. The more you have them readily available the more you are likely to have them.

Take food in mouthfuls and chew on slowly

Taking food in mouthfuls has been proven to help in getting filled by smaller portions. Chewing food slowly has proven beneficial to people who want to lose and avoid gaining extra weight. It works by lowering appetite. In so doing, the portions eaten are reduced.


There are different ways of exercising which will help you lose weight. If you intend to lose a few pounds every week. You will need to combine diet and physical exercise.

The most recommended exercise for weight loss especially for overweight persons is weight lifting. You can do this at home or at the gym. It is important to target 3 works-outs per week.

You should also do some cardio forms of exercises such as swimming, cycling, jogging, walking and other activities of choice. These exercises will not only help you lose weight but also boost your health and well-being. However, weight lifting is the best way to shed weight in a shorter period of time.


The reason most people struggle with weight loss programs is that they choose methods that are stressful to execute. When aiming to lose weight, choosing certain diets tends to induce stress to your body. With the simple methods we saw above, you’ll incur less stress. They are also manageable and easy to adopt by anyone. Key to it, even after achieving the desired results make it your way of life. It gets easier when you incorporate the different habits into your lifestyle.

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