How to enlarge your breast naturally without side effects

How to enlarge your breast naturally without side effects


36-24-36- a figure desired by every woman. Breast is the part of feminine body which enhances the external beauty of a woman. Big, firm, round breasts are yearned by all woman. And why not? After all, it boosts our self confidence when we look admirable. Not only self confidence, being beautiful and presentable even influences our personality. Isn’t it woman?

But sadly, not every woman is blessed with a perfect breast. Some of you might posses a breast which neither suits your height, weight or physique nor boost your personality instead put you in a place where you think you are not one of those beautifully dress woman in the crowd and that leads you to crave for breast enlargement surgeries which not only comes with heavy price but also have lots of side effects.

Let’s start with the side effects of breast augmentations.

Breast augmentation which is also scientifically known as augmentation mammoplasty is the plastic surgery and treatments for the breast implant which approaches to increase the size of the breast, change its shape and can also alter the texture of the breasts of a woman. As in whole, it changes the aesthetics of a healthy breast. Though, scientifically tested by world class doctors, still such surgeries can lead to some medical dilemma. Damage during implantation or other surgical procedures, chemical degradation of the breast implant shell, trauma or mechanical pressure of traditional mammographic breast examination are some of the very basic can of worms that are apprehended. But these are just pre-surgery botheration. These surgeries also invite post surgery effects which lasts life time.

During Breast implantation, silicone or salines are implanted inside the breasts which can lead to a type of cancer known as ALCL: Anaplastic large cell lymphoma. This is sometimes non-curable and certainly is a path to death. Other life threatening effects of breast enlargement surgeries are:

  • Infections occurred due to release of mold and bacteria from the silicon implants.
  • Chronic breast pain
  1. Numbness of breasts and nipples.
  2. Tissue scarring.
  3. Hardened breasts.
  4. Breakage and leakage of tissues.
  5. Necrosis, a skin death disease.
  6. Migration of silicone into lymph nodes and other organs.

As a cherry on top, Breast enlargement surgeries also causes complications in breastfeeding. So, woman ! You obviously will not spawn a trouble for your own baby. Will you?

Now you might be thinking that your desire of possessing perfect breasts will always remain a desire. But that is not at all true. There are other ways to fulfill your craving. Do you want to know how? Read through the rest part of the blog.

Breast enlargements can be done naturally at home with nutritive foods, natural supplements and some good workouts. Let’s start with nutritive food and supplements.

Food that can help you to enlarge your breasts:

There is no alternative of natural happening processes. You may routine yourself into daily workouts and stop eating oily eatables to glow up yourself but those will go to vein if you not maintain a proper diet. Now diet does not means that you need to restrict yourself from eating food that you love instead diet means to consume healthy food which can help you enhance yourself. Breast is a mass made up of fatty tissues. There are certain food items which when consumed can effectively increase the size of breast.

Hormone sprouting foods: Estrogen, progesterone and prolactin are the female body hormones which serves as breast enlargement hormones. Testosterone hormone suppresses breast growth. Eating foods containing more estrogen and less testosterone will help in enlargement of the breasts.

Breast enlarging fruits: Apples, cherries, plums, dry-fruits, watermelon, peaches, strawberry.

Breast enlarging vegetables: Cucumber, beets, carrots, Radish

Other grains, seeds and herbs: Rice, Barley, wheat, sesame seeds, flex seeds, garlic, clover, parsley.

Chicken head soup, legumes, egg, and dairy products also help to increase breast size in a short span of time.

Fat containing foods: Breasts are made up of fatty tissue. On that account, consuming foods containing fats will eventually help to increase the cup size. But women generally jitter having fatty foods. Conjoining routine work outs with healthy diets is a way out of that fear. Eating fat containing food is beneficial to skinny women who want to gain some weight. Foods like peanut butter, avocados, egg yolk, olive oil, oily fish, and cashew nuts can be consumed as fat supplying foods.

Some other food items:

  • Beverages like red wine, green tea, white wine and black tea help to increase breast size.
  • Ingesting Amino acid supplements on a regular basis will help to enhance breast size in a short span of time.
  • Chick peas and black eyed peas have been found useful in increasing breast size.
  • Maintaining correct balance in vitamins is also equally important for size growth.

Correct foods will definitely help to enlarge your breasts but do not just depend on foods. For better results, conjoin proper diet plan with workouts and massages. There are certain yoga postures and exercise which helps to increase cup size. Massaging your breasts on a regular basis for at least 15-20 minutes ensures to increase the size of your breasts. Massaging in circular pattern tends to better inflow of blood as well as flow of phytoestrogens found in blood vessels. This hormone inflow will gradually increase the size of your breasts.

Do you know?

  • Performing push-ups and sit-ups put on stress on breast muscles which eventually increases the size of breast.
  • Bust exercises increases cup size by at least one size.
  • For skinny women, weight training exercises are very efficient to enlarge the breasts.
  • Doing all household chores like cleaning, sweeping, dusting etc manually helps to strengthen breast muscles which increase breast size.
  • Wearing a correct bra size is most important of all.

So, women now that you know all about breast enlarging facts then why wasting money on surgeries? We do have better ways to spend them. Right?

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