Delicious healthy foods for pregnant mothers

Delicious healthy foods for pregnant women

Are you expecting a baby? If you are, then congratulations. However there is a lot of work to be done to ensure a safe delivery of your child. This will involve some things that you may have to sacrifice so as to give birth to a normal child.

Is this difficult to swallow?

You have to understand that before you go into the labour room screaming like you are being maltreated; you’ve got to start learning how to discipline yourself to help you keep fit and ready for the D – day.

But in what ways can you keep the discipline?

Medical experts have reported that one of the best ways that you can discipline yourself during pregnancy is through the foods that you eat… this is with the aim of preventing scenarios of any form of premature delivery…

Most of the foods you eat during pregnancy out of ignorance are not supposed to be consumed at all for the safety of your life as well as that of your unborn child… you don’t even just eat foods again for the purpose of eating but worse of all you’re now addicted to some certain types of food.

You heard it loud and clear…eating habits have to be dropped because at this point in time you need safe delivery and nothing short of it.

Want to know the foods to avoid?

It will be a long list but you can try as much as you can to avoid the few ones that will be stated here to avoid the purpose of your marriage not to be defeated…

In fact this will really hurt but it will be for your own good.


Processed factories juice…so many ladies love this one a lot

Papaya that is unripe

Too much beverages…sorry for this

Meats that are not well cooked

Energy giving drinks

Herbal tea…anytime your mind comes to this also think of unconscious abortion.

Excessive junk foods

I am very sure one of your wishes as an expectant mother is that neither you nor your child should suffer from any kind of abnormal condition whether before or after birth… if yes is your reply then be sure to avoid those food mentioned above at least for now…call this one relegation.

But which foods do you actually need to be eating while you are pregnant?

Take plenty of Apples constantly

Your pregnancy can make you have constant appetite for food. If this is the case then make sure that you are always having apples with you wherever you are going. It is good for condition because of the fact that it is known to contain fibre. And it is a sure way to combat a problem like morning sickness…

One has been known to contain about 4g of fibre while the pregnant woman needs about 25g – 30g to survive through this period.


You need this because of the high content of protein it contains…it has been discovered that it can give your body up to 15% of calcium everyday and it also help easy digestion because of the probiotics which it contains.

Do you want to know how to take this for maximum result? Then try it together with blueberries…

You can try guacamole or chips

Have you ever experience any kind swollenness in parts of your body like your arms, legs, face while pregnant? The experts call this pregnancy bloat…want to know the secret?

It is happening because the sodium in your system is not balanced. There is too much salt in your system and less water…

From this moment you should be constantly taking plenty of water to strike a balance or better still you can take cucumber since it has water in it. Not only that; it is low in calories.

Maybe you should go for avocadoes on crackers

Don’t suffer leg cramp again…take avocado to ease the stress because it has been discovered that the major cause for such problem during pregnancy is shortage of potassium in the body of the woman.

Avocado is a very good source of potassium…you can decide to eat with wheat bread or crackers. The mineral your body requires to stay fit everyday during pregnancy is about 4700mg…taking this will help you go a long way.

What about egg?

Do you know with the food you eat while you are pregnant sometimes lack the nutrients to make you immune against diseases that either harm you or your unborn child? Or even inflammation?
What you need is plenty of vitamin D and egg is a very good source for this one. You can decide to fry or boil it but most importantly you should be consuming at least two everyday to maintain your calcium level…

The part of the egg where the vitamin D actually is in the yoke… so while you eat it make sure the yoke is always included…also it has been researched that the yoke is what is mainly responsible for how the brain of the unborn child will develop through the choline it contains…

It can also help to prevent any form of defection in the child’s body…

Don’t like egg?

You can still take fortified milk in place of egg if you don’t like taking egg or even tuna that is canned with less mercury…or even salmon. These are proven sources of vitamin D.

But also know that egg is more reach than those foods…

Red tomatoes

heathy foods for pregnant womenVery sure you will love this because of its ever tasty nature and also what it can do for you when you are pregnant…

Tomatoes has less calories and can help in the making your system to be immune. This is because of beta carotene which it has…

Research has show that the best way to get benefit from  what this food has is to take it in its raw form…however most people don’t like it that way because of the way it tastes so it is better you fry it a bit in sliced form and eat every day…

Water melon

This contains lots of water and makes you feel constantly hydrated even while you are pregnant because your condition demands that you take water constantly…

Not only is it a very good source of water but in addition to that it contains potassium…

If you want to take this blend alongside a lime that is fresh, mesh them together and drink…


This has enough omega 3 fatty acid and can also make the child to develop mentally. Although, you have to be careful here not eat any and everything that has been labeled as fish because most fish has been known to contain a level of methyl – mercury which is a pollutant that is capable of causing damages to your unborn child’s nervous system…

But how do you identify these kinds of fish so as to avoid them at for now?

Those ones like tilefish, sword fish and shark have been known to contain lots of it… although, most fish nowadays contain mercury whether in small or large quantity… so while fish may be healthy for you and your unborn child it will be very wise if you will learn to consume it in a moderate fashion…

Don’t take too much…once or twice in meals every week will be okay.


This contains protein and can help in the building of your cells as well that of your unborn child. It can greatly help in the regulation of blood in your body…you are advised to take about 75grams of meat everyday while you are pregnant…

But what if you don’t like meat?

You can still consume other foods if you happen to be vegetarian. They range from beans, tofu, and lentils.


This has very rich in calcium and has the function of making your baby’s bones to be strong. It can also be of help to you by helping your nerves function properly. You should try to consume up to 1200mg on a daily basis.

Good thing is that it can be taken alongside meals…but don’t take it in a cold form for the sake of your child. You are advised to take when it is in liquid form and not in block form…

This is because it has been discovered that taking cold foods while you are pregnant can harm your child…and people prefer yogurt mostly when is cold


These have been to have plenty of fibre, iron and other minerals. You can decide to take them alongside your meals or they can even serve as your meal especially in the afternoon…

This hen taken with grains, has been known to reduce any form of nausea that you may be experiencing during your pregnancy especially during its early days

Take plenty of carrots

This has been known to have plenty of vitamin A which will help the baby’s eyes to develop very well. It can also be helpful in the development of the skin as well as other organs of the body of your unborn child.

You can decide to cut them into pieces and then mix with salads or even eat them like that…


Although, this sounds strange but it has great a taste. It is popular for its protein, as well as vitamin A. best of all is that it can be mixed into almost any type of food that you are eat…just try it today to improve your ante – natal condition.


For those of you who may think that water is not food…sorry to disappoint you because it is a type of liquid food.

Do you want to develop new cells in your body? Always stay hydrated? Avoid constipation? Or want to get rid of toxins…then the solution you need to all this is plenty of water. The importance cannot be overemphasized…

Always take at least two litres of water after every meal so as to avoid the dangers of going into labour prematurely…

Also always remember that the type of water that you take into your system is very important so make sure that you take purified and treated water to avoid contamination…

Sweet Potatoes

This is rich in vitamin C and fibre and the good news is that it is very affordable so take as much as you can to get all the benefits it has to offer…this has been known to help reduce risk of diabetes and risk of an ovarian cancer.

And always consume the boiled ones rather than the fried one if you want to get its content and you should take at least 25grams on a daily basis.


These are very good substitutes for vegetables. They contain lots of vitamins as well as minerals. Also, they contain calcium which cannot benefit the child in terms making his bones to be strong but can help fight against problems related to pregnancy such as pains in the leg, back and insomnia.

Do you want to fight against morning sickness? Then this should your most reliable solution…


This is a form of vegetable and can help you when you are experiencing any form of sluggishness…it is rich in iron and folate. It is also discovered to be a very good source of fibre which can help to combat constipation…

Also, artichoke can help solve problems that have to do with poor digestion after meals…which is a problem suffered by most pregnant women.

Learn to rinse them to remove any sodium then you can add to salad for meals.

Pumpkin seeds

During pregnancy your uterus increases which means that your hip muscles and back take another dimension…these changes are new and strange to your body…you need a very good source of protein so that the adjustment can happen. Pumpkin seeds can help you in this regards…

It contains phosphorus, calcium, potassium and also help in you feel hydrated…

It was discovered that taking roasted form of pumpkin seeds is far better than consuming  it in its raw form… you can even take it with olive oil for maximum result.

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