Natural Foods That Boost Sperm Count

Natural Foods That Boost Sperm Count

The dream of the majority of men in our present society is to have children. However, there may be some factors that are responsible for men that can make them not be able to impregnate a woman over the course of time.

One the misfortunes could be low sperm count for the man. This is a situation where the sperm produced by the man during sexual intercourse is not enough to fertilize the eggs of the woman. Such shortage could come in the form of the sperm being too light or not in enough quantity.

According to research carried out in Florida in the year 2007, the foods that men eat most times can lead to low sperm count and this will, in turn, hinder the man from impregnating a woman.

Have you been looking for the natural foods that you will eat to help you increase or boost your sperm count overtime or you are having a problem of low sperm count currently? You are about to discover the natural foods that you can actually add to your diet plan so as to help you improve your sexual life.

Have you tried banana?

Do you know that the problem of low sperm count in men does not involve you are not having enough sperm in you but also involve when your sperm is not thick enough to fertilize the egg of a woman?

Banana can go a long way to help overcome the problem once and for all. This is because not only do they help in thickening the sperm but they also help to make the man have enough stamina during the period of sexual intercourse.

This is an enzyme known as bromelain which is known to have improved male libido over the last two decades.
What about spinach?

These are vegetables that are green in colours and have folic acids. It has been discovered that when the level of folic acid in the body is low; then the sperm level will be adversely affected and also there is likely to be a risk of chromosomal abnormalities. This implies the sperm may not find it easy to locate the egg and even if it eventually does; fertilization may not take place.

Garlic will always be helpful

There is a chemical in garlic that is known as Allicin. What it actually does is to help in the prevention of plaques from pilling up in the arteries thereby enhancing the rate at which blood will flow to the genital areas eventually leading to increased sperm production.

It also supplies the body with vitamin B6 which is responsible for the production of sperms that are lively and capable of fertilizing the female egg.

Take beef

Even if you are a vegetarian like some persons are; then you can still make an exception and take beef in this instance. This is because it contains plenty of zinc and this can greatly help in the production of sperms that are lively and can locate the female eggs.

It can make the sperm be very active in the sense that it prevents the testorone from converting into estrogen which can easily lead to low libido.

It is true that as a vegetarian; you may not want to take this, but it has been discovered that beef is one of the highest and natural sources of protein amongst other foods.

Take plenty of walnuts

They have Arginine which has been tested to greatly increase sperm production as well as the rate of fluid volume. This is based on the fact that one of its contents is an omega-3 fatty acid which can help to enhance the flow of blood.

They are far more powerful than other nuts given the fact that they can serve other purposes as well. An intake of 5 – 7 daily will help a great deal.

Oranges and strawberries can help a lot

This can prevent the sperm from being damaged and at the same time boost the sperm count. As a man taking daily and making it a constant habit can help boost motility and fertilization chances.

Do you take enough eggs?

Vitamin E can greatly boost sperm count by combating any form of production deficiency, especially in its boiled form.

When the rate of vitamin E is high then the sperm in the testicles is likely to be in abundant quantity and also strong (thick enough). Also, it can help to fight free radicals that are capable of damaging the sperms.

Take plenty of carrots

This can help to increase the production and motility of your sperm. You can take oat meal and dried apricots.

Take plenty of water

This is the cheapest and easiest of all of them. Learn to take plenty of water every day (8 – 10) glasses daily. This will help to keep your body in a less dehydrated state and improve your cells including sperm cells.

How many beans do you take into your system on a regular basis?

It is very surprising to know that most of the cases of sperm count problems are being traced to the problem of shortage of zinc in the body. You may not like this as a food, but its importance in making a man to be sexually active and cannot be over emphasized. You can still enjoy it as a meal if you prepare it with some other items like chicken instead of the traditional method.

Increase your tomatoes consumption

You have to eat enough red foods like tomatoes and pepper. They improve the quality and motility of the sperm dramatically according to findings in the United States of America.

Tomatoes are one of the most notable sources of antioxidants Lycopene. It is very much found in cooked as well as tomatoes fresh forms.

If you want to get the best out the tomato then learn to take it alongside olive oil.

Taking enough vitamin D?

Scientific research has revealed that there is always a relationship between your level of vitamin D and sperm count in your body.

Have you tried pomegranates?

This can help you go a very long way in the problem of low sperm count because of the anti – oxidants which it contains that aid to fight against all forms of chemicals that are adversely affecting your sperm.

You may not like it since most people say its taste is a strange one but what matters most is what it tends to do in your body…

According to the findings of the International Journal of Medical Research in the year 2003; one of these chemicals is Malondialdehyde. It is connected to low sperm quality and is always located in the fluids.

The taking of pomegranates on a daily basis can greatly help to combat free radicals and eventually improve the quality of your sperm.


This is a green vegetable that has a very high content of vitamin C which can help to significantly boost your sperm quantity. It has also been known to protect the sperm from been oxidized.

It is with the protection of vitamin C that the quality your sperm does not get tempered with. When these sperms are protected then they won’t get easily depleted.

It is true that sometimes your sperm succeeds in meeting the eggs but may just amount to nothing in the end because they are empty and unproductive… you really need this

Goji berries

Do you know that at least one out of every twenty-five men are suffering from the problem of low sperm count? And two out of every ten men that cannot make a woman take in have stamina problem?

That is right… they can’t lead in the bedroom…

Are you into any of the above-mentioned categories? You know what I mean when your partner is waiting for you in the bedroom, you see yourself doing or saying things that are not necessary at that time…

Then you don’t have to look any further for solutions as your consumption of Goji Berries will not only enable you to have strength during the period of sexual intercourse but also; your scrotum will be well maintained to help the testes produce quality sperm.

Also with goji berries, blood transmission is improved in the body which will also lead to an easy flow of sperm.

Pumpkin seeds

With these, it can be said that testosterone production has never been easier. Another function of it is that the volume of semen can be improved.

Want to know why?

These seeds are known to contain plenty of zinc which is capable of boosting your sperm count. It can also improve your libido and make you be sexually active.

So from now on when the quantity of your sperm is not enough to drive you to the promise land then please look for some pumpkin seeds…


Their sources are known to be of dietary fibre and vitamins. They are always high in magnesium and copper. Clinical research shows that through them (figs) your sperm motility, as well as count, can be increased thereby helping in reproduction.


Do you know that taking 5 – 7 almond nuts on a daily basis is capable of boosting your sperm quantity? This is because it is very rich in Arginine which is an Amino acid that helps in the maintenance and production of your sperm.

That’s right, it makes you have enough sperm even for the rainy day.


This contains selenium as its major content, which helps to raise sperm count. If you are going to consume this; then you should go for the canned ones because of the less mercury they contain than the ones that are fresh.


This is a green plant that is eatable and also belongs to the cabbage family. It is known to be one of the best sources through which folic acid is gotten from. It is a common fact that folic acid is very important for women before and after conception but do you know that it can also aid the sperm count for men too?

You can decide to mix it with salad or take it separately alongside your meal. Please note that the best meal to take it is dinner because of easy digestion in the night.


This has its source from zinc. It is a form of grain which belongs to the cereal group. The good news is that it is very affordable especially if your are the type that doesn’t fancy cooking your meals.

It has been able to help men become very active and responsive during sexual intercourse. Also, it is capable of increasing the quality and quantity of your sperm.


If you are a big fan of this then let this be your summer, but if you actually don’t like it then you will have to learn how to from now on because of what it contains…

The strength of your sperm may be too weak to actually go into an egg, this ensures that does happen with its rich content of vitamin B6 as well as folic acid thereby helping to increase the sperm motility.


Do you like adding some extra stuff to your food? Then let this wonderful product take that place due to its efficacy. It is essentially good for you when you can’t seem to have a pass mark in bedroom duties.

It has been discovered that how blood will flow to the testicles is the function of ginseng… it also increases libido and sexual motility.

This can actually sustain your virility to a great extent…

Don’t understand? Let me explain

Having the urge for sex is one thing and such urge staying for a long period of time is another thing…sometimes you feel really empty especially when the occasion is getting to its highest point…you need ginseng to sustain that urge and put her in her place…

It is usually added to food and has been used by the Asians years before because of its result-oriented style.

Finally, you’re going to love this one…sardines…

Everybody loves sardines because of how exceptionally tasty it can be but in addition to that, sardine contains fatty acid and this can make you produce enough sperm for reproduction…

For maximum result, you can decide to take it with bread that has little or no sugar content.

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