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Why use Cleanroom Workbenches in Laboratory?


A laboratory is a very delicate place; a small mistake can lead to bigger mishaps. So while working in a laboratory it is very important to be careful. Cleanroom is a solution for such problems. Cleanroom is basically a facility which is used for specialized researches and productions. These research works mainly includes the manufacture of pharmaceutical items and microprocessors.

How are cleanroom designed?

Cleanrooms are designed in such a manner that there should be contaminating sources. There should be no loop hole for the entrance of low level particulates such as airborne, dust, micro-organism or vaporized particles. Hence they are designed in such a way that the cleanliness factor is never compromised.

Cleanroom workbench                                          

Cleanroom consists of cleanroom workbenches. Workstations or workbenches helps in maintaining and regulating the required environment so that they functions in a cleanroom runs smoothly without any interruptions.


A cleanroom has many applications. Let us have a look at some of the applications of cleanroom workbench in a laboratory.

  1. Cleanrooms facility is especially for manufacturing pharmaceuticals items and microprocessors.
  2. These facilities are also used to manufacture aerospace semiconductors and engineering applications.
  3. The important part is they do not contain any type of environmental pollutants and are extremely safe.
  4. Cleanroom workbench is mainly used for high end experiments.
  5. The facility is isolated. Hence it helps in keeping it clean even if the rest of the laboratory is a mess.

Requirements for working on a cleanroom workbench in a laboratory

A cleanroom workbench is maintained just so no contaminants enter into the room. There are very restricted numbers of people who are allowed to work on a cleanroom workbench. The entry of more people can lead to the entrance of dust particles. Cleanroom workbenches can vary in sizes as well depending on the type of work which has to be conducted on the workbench. For smaller experiments a workbench of smaller sizes is enough but for bigger tasks to take up the size of the cleanroom as well as the workbench should be big enough in size.

There are uniforms for the people who work in the cleanroom workbench. Just to avoid any entry of unwanted particles these rules are strictly followed by all the personnel who works on a cleanroom workbench. The uniforms are specially designed to capture or lock all the contaminants which are generated by the body or the skin.

People who work on a Recirculating Clean Bench are highly trained professionals. They are trained very precisely in contamination control theory. The entry and exit in a cleanroom is made through airlock. This is done so that there is less chance of any harmful substance entering into the room and contaminates any other working projects.

Uniform requirements to work on a cleanroom workbench

As mentioned earlier the cleanroom workbench works have special uniforms to work in such an environment. Their uniforms mostly consists of boots and shoes, aprons, bouffant caps, beard cover, lab coats and face masks, gowns and gloves and also shoe covers. These are the major things which the workers need to possess before entering a cleanroom.


Hence, these are the uses and requirements of a cleanroom workbench in a laboratory.