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What is Burr Hole Drainage?

Burr hole drainage is a surgical operation used to take away blood close to the brain. These blood clots are called subdural hematomas as a result of the type underneath the dura, which is the protecting covering of the brain. Hematomas sometimes need removal because they can compress the brain tissue and cause serious complications. Inbound cases, conventional open surgery, called a craniotomy, could also be necessary. However, several hematomas will successfully be removed using burr hole drainage, during which a small perforation is made through the bone to suction out the blood and relieve pressure on the brain.

Subdural hematomas could also be the results of significant trauma to the head or of a minor head injury, significantly in those with alternative risk factors. In patients with a chronic meninx intumescency, the blood may form and expand over time, with few if any symptoms initially. A number of the risks for developing a subdural hematoma include older age, use of medicinal drug medications, excessive alcohol consumption and repetitive injuries to the head.

To understand whether or not you are suffering from a subdural hematoma, The Doctor can perform a physical and medical examination. Imaging of your brain can presumably be necessary, which may include a CT or MRI scan.

The Burr Hole emptying Procedure

A burr hole emptying procedure needs the utilization of anaesthesia. The patient’s head is first shaved at the treatment site. Once the surgical team correctly positions the head, an antibiotic solution is applied to prevent infection. The Doctor can make a small incision within the scalp, then use a special surgical drill to form a small perforation within the skull. The dura is then cut open to reveal the intumescency. Irrigation is utilized to rinse the area out. The Doctor will next thoroughly drain the region via tubing to make sure that the blood and any excess fluid has been exhausted. Once that had been accomplished, the Doctor will shut the incision.

Risks of Burr Hole drainage

While a burr hole drainage procedure is comparatively common and far less invasive than open styles of surgical Procedure, it will still cause a variety of risks. The complications of burr hole drainage could include brain injury, accumulation of fluid around the brain, seizure, stroke, weakness, paralysis, swelling and infection.

Recovery from a Burr Hole emptying Procedure

Patients are typically needed to stay within the hospital for an amount of many days following a burr hole drainage procedure. There could also be some discomfort that your Doctor can bring down medication. A patient’s activities could also be restricted for the first few weeks once surgery, together with the advice to avoid any strenuous styles of exercise or those activities that may end in a head injury.
Many of the symptoms generally intimate with a subdural hematoma, like headaches, balance issues, numbness, weakness and speech problems, are usually resolved immediately once the surgery. Some patients need rehabilitation services to revive their previous practicality. Inbound cases, seizures could persist for a few time once the burr hole drainage procedure; however, will typically be managed by taking antiepileptic medication prescribed by your physician.


Blood Clot brain surgery Cost In India has come down to such an extent that it’s easily affordable to who so ever seeks it. Shoulders are a very vital part of our body. If you are opting for shoulder Arthroscopy, it should probably cost around 5500 USD to 6000 USD. This price could easily give you an overview of how much expenditure is needed for the surgery.
The cost mentioned above generally includes:

  • The total accommodation, including four days in the hospital and three days outside the hospital.
  • Test that is required to diagnose the blood clot in the brain including CT scan, MRI scan and Angiogram.
  • The success rate of blood clot brain surgery is 75%, and if received on time might be more than that.

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