Medical Simulation Mannequins – A New Training Tool for Medical Professionals


What if you saw an injured bleeding man who is a victim of a car accident whose bones are broken and have multiple fractures? It’s even hard to think about it

However it is a reality. You can see such situations at any emergency room of any hospital. If you are a new doctor then you can’t handle this level of pressure while working in an emergency ward of any hospital, so the medical training institutes provide them training which enables them to react wisely and in senses so they can save lives without being overwhelmed by scary scenes.

Although a medical student becomes a professional doctor after the training and efforts of several years and throughout their training session the most important thing he learns is to make right decisions instantly because even a slight mistake can leads the patient to death. So during training newbies can’t be allowed to try their experiences on real patients. For this purpose lifelike training mannequins are used for them to make a simulation of a medical situation.

The mannequin now a days being used in different medical education institutes for training purpose are called iStan. These mannequins come with an artificial body of a standard man.

The mannequin internal and external parts like spine, neck, arms can be moved just like a real human. The more advanced medic mannequins also come with different more realistic features like they can bleed, vomit or even give birth. The blood pressure of mannequins can also be monitored. Other features these training mannequins come with are

They can bleed, vomit and breathe.

The can also sweat and prepare Goosebumps.

Broken bones can be seen in extra or in skin

They can create a simulation of child birth just like a real pregnant women.

These are few common features which are available in these medical mannequins. Another thing of these mannequins is that they can be controlled by a wireless remote control. By these features the trainer can make the training simulation even more challenging and realistic which makes the learning experience more productive.

These medic simulators are great learning tool for students because then can fully prepare their selves for a real operation or treatment of any operation. This is really a great tool for medical students by which they can play and also prepare their selves for future jobs.

These are few advantages of using medic mannequin simulators. These are perfect tool and also a basic requirement of any medical educational institute. Medic mannequins are not cheap and can a single piece can cost you several thousand dollars so they also need proper maintenance and other efforts to protect it

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