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Overview On Paget’s Disease Of Bone


Paget’s disease of bone is a type of bone disease that interferes with the body’s normal recycling process, in which old bone tissue is gradually replaced with new bone tissue. With the passage of time, the disease can cause affected bones to become fragile or misshapen. The most common part of the body where Paget’s disease of bone occurs are the pelvis, skull, spine and legs.  

As the age of a person increases, the risk of Paget’s disease of bone increases too. The risk of Paget’s disease of bone is higher if any other family members have the same disorder. Paget’s disease of bone involves certain complications, which include broken bones, hearing loss and pinched nerves in the spine. 

The mainstay of treatment for Piget’s disease of bone is the medication known as Bisphosphonates that are also prescribed to strengthen the bones which gets weakened by Osteoporosis. And, for patients who have complications because of the disease are advised to undergo surgery as a treatment. For information on Medanta Medicity Gurgaon Appointment you can contact Credihealth.

Symptoms of Piget’s Disease of Bone:

Those who have Paget’s disease of bone usually have no symptoms, but when symptoms occur, the most common complaint is bone pain. Since this disease causes the body to generate new bone faster than normal, the rapid remodelling develops bone that’s softer and weaker compared to the older bone, which leads to bone pain, deformities and fractures. Normally, the disease affects only one or two areas of the body, but might even widespread. If at all any signs or symptoms occur, will depend on the affected part of the body. Medanta Medicity Gurgaon Doctors list  are not easily available, so get your bookings done now via. #Credihealth.

  • Pelvis: If the disease occurs in the pelvis, the disease will cause hip pain.
  • Skull: Piget’s disease of bone in the skull may cause hearing loss or headaches.
  • Spine: If the spine is affected by the disease, then nerve roots can become compressed that can cause pain, tingling and numbness in an arm or leg.
  • Leg: Since Paget’s disease of bone weakness the bone, they may bend causing the patient to become bow legged. Due to enlarged and misshapen bones in the legs, extra stress is put on the nearby joints, which may cause osteoarthritis in his knee or hip. 

Causes of Paget’s Disease of Bone:

The cause of Paget’s disease of bone is still undiscovered, but the scientists suspects a combination of environmental and genetic factors contribute to the birth of the disease. Several genes seems to result in the development of the disease. Though, this theory of some scientists is controversial, but they believe that Paget’s disease of bone is related to a viral infection in a person’s bone cells. Book Medanta Medicity Gurgaon Appointment and get relieved from all your health problems at economical cost.

Treatment of Paget’s Disease of Bone:

If there is no symptoms, then a person might not need any treatment. But, if the disease is active, which is indicated by an elevated alkaline phosphatase level and affects high risk sites in the body like skull or spine, then the doctor might recommend treatment to prevent complications, even in the absence of the symptoms.


The most common treatment for Paget’s disease of bone is the Osteoporosis drugs (bisphosphonates). Some of these drugs are taken by mouth, while some are injected in the body. Oral bisphosphonates are said to be well tolerated, but may cause irritation in the gastrointestinal tract. Example are-

  • Alendronate (Fosamax)
  • Ibandronate (Boniva)
  • Pamidronate (Aredia)
  • Risedronate (Actonel)
  • Zoledronic Acid (Zometa, Reclast)


In rare cases, surgery might be performed to:

  • Help in healing of fractures
  • Replace joints those damaged by severe arthritis
  • Realign deformed bones
  • Reduce pressure on nerves.

If the doctor recommends for surgery that involves bones affected by Paget’s disease, then he might also prescribe medications to reduce the activity of the disease that may be helpful in reducing blood loss during the surgery. 

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