Benefits of Hemp Oil

Incredible Hemp Oil Benefits : Less Known Facts you should Take Notice of


Obtained by cold pressing hemp seeds, hemp oil is a member of the cannabis family. Maybe that’s why the world has turned its back toward this oil. But, less known are the benefits of the oil that makes it popular in some parts of the world.

Organic Hemp Oil is extracted from the plant “Cannabis Sativa” which do not have any major content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the main component which is responsible for the psychoactive behavior which can be found in cannabis consumers.

The manufacturing process of Hemp Organic Seed oil has many through processes through which the oil is extracted from the seeds. It includes cleaning of the seeds to 99.99% before the cold pressing process.

The THC content in Hemp seed oil is very low (around 4mg/kg). Now, before getting into the beneficiary part of Hemp Seed Oil, let us give you an idea about what Hemp Seed Oil is.

Hemp Seed Oil: The Overview

As said before Hemp seeds are a part of the Cannabis family. But, if you think that consuming hemp seed oil will make you “high”, then you are wrong.

The THC content is very low, which is mainly responsible for the psychoactive behavior. But don’t get upset as this oil has many benefits which attract the people of the world.

The oil is enriched with Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids in a 3:1 ratio. Obtained by cold pressing the seeds, the oil initially colorless and transparent with a little bit of flavor.

The oil is beneficial in woodworks, paints and lubricants, fuels and inks and shampoos, and soaps.

The oil is rich in gamma-linoleic acid (GLA). 49% of the weight of the oil is edible and consumable and 76% of it contains the fatty acids which benefit the most in the human body.

Today we are going to discuss the benefits and every less known fact of Hemp Seed Oil mankind needs to know about.

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp oil has numerous benefits. So, you can definitely give this a try. But before that, let’s know the benefits in detail.

Helps to Fight Inflammation

The hemp organic oil is rich in GLA (gamma-linoleic acid) which is composed of Omega-6 fatty acids. The GLA helps to boost the immunity of a human body and make it more resistible towards diseases like inflammation.

GLA acts as a positive catalyst in the production of prostaglandins hormones which mainly controls the inflammatory diseases in a human body.

The oil is known for its beneficial effects against inflammation. As it contains GLA, it can also fight against diseases like arthritis. However, there are several types of research are still going on to make this point more firm.

Provides a Healthy Heart

One of the main factors of cardiovascular or heart diseases is high levels of cholesterol. Research shows that Hemp oil can be used to reduce heart-related diseases as it can lower blood cholesterol levels.

The oil contains Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids in a 3:1 ratio. This ratio of fatty acids is beneficial for a healthy heart rather than higher or lower ratios of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids.

If a person consumes the organic hemp oil for at least 4 weeks, then he/she can prevent cardiovascular diseases as the oil can reduce cholesterol levels.

Another study has found that Hemp oil can also reduce unnecessary fats in the human body which can sometimes be responsible for the bad health of a heart.

Acts as a Cancer Aid

Now, this is a biggie. According to a study by the British Journal of Cancer, it is observed that as hemp oil contains a perfect fatty-acid profile of GLA and fatty acids.

Therefore, it can be used to fight cancer too. It dries up the cancer cells and hamper the growth and spreading of cancer cells in a human body.

Organic Hemp can be used as a cure for glioblastoma multiforme, a form of severe brain cancer. Other than this, cannabinoids derived from hemp seed can help fight deadly diseases like lung cancer and breast cancer.

Fight Diabetes

As diabetes is also caused due to the deficiency of essential fatty acids and hemp oil is rich in those. Therefore, hemp oil can be used as a secondary treatment for diabetes.

Though several researchers are still working on this point. So, we recommend that you should consult your doctor before you consume Hemp Oil to cure diabetes.

Can Help you During Pregnancy

Yes, indeed. Hemp oil can also be beneficial to all the pregnant mothers out there. This time also the credit goes to the Omega-3 content of the oil.

Study shows that Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial during pregnancy as it acts as the building blocks of fetal brain and retina of the newborn. It can also counter perinatal depression.

The organic oil can help you to avoid premature delivery and benefits the mother for an easier birth and ensure lifelong wellness of the baby.

Promotes an Enhanced Digestive System

Other than enriched Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, Hemp oil also contains both soluble and insoluble fibers. These fibers help in constipation and bloating and ease bowel movements and give you a healthy digestive system.

Proteins are easily digested. The protein content of the oil is the same as of our blood and is given to patients suffering from digestive problems.

The oil also contains “Eicosanoids”  which are hormones extracted from Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids can control the secretion of digestive juices essential hormones.

Protects your Skin from Contaminated Diseases

Apart from the internal human body benefits, Hemp oil is also very useful to keep your skin beautiful and healthy. The oil acts as a dehydrating agent or moisturizing agent for skin.

As the oil contains 60% linoleic acid, therefore, it does not clog your skin pores. It prevents blackheads, whiteheads, and acne which is caused due to clogged pores.

Deficiency of linoleic acid in your diet may result in clogged skin pores.

Some studies show that Hemp seed oil can be used as a treatment for “eczema”. The fatty acids in the oil act as a moisturizer for the skin and help the skin to remain hydrated.

The oil also provides prevention against skin diseases like dermatitis and shingles.

The oil has an SPF of 6 which can prevent your skin from sunburns and rashes. You can apply the oil on your whole body just after taking a bath or you can gently rub the oil on your affected area to get satisfying results.

Enhance Healthy Hair Growth

You can apply the oil in your scalp and hair to get shiny and strong hair. The lipids contained in the oil promotes hair growth and makes your hair thicker and stronger from the root. The oil can solve many scalp problems.

Above we have listed the most benefits of an Organic Hemp Oil, but apart from the above list, there are still several benefits of Hemp that you should know.

So, let’s make another list of how a Hemp itself can benefit you.

Some Rare Facts about Hemp

The word Hemp is associated with many taboos. Sometimes it is even confused with marijuana. So, let’s break the ice and know some rare facts about hemp.

Hemp can keep a Healthy Environment

Hemp acts as a savior for intoxicated soils. By the process of phytoremediation, the plant extracts the toxins from the soil through its roots.

Hemps is known as a powerful agent to clean up intoxicated soils like radioactive soils which can be found near nuclear reactor plants. It promotes the healthy growth of trees and plants. Thus, provide a healthy environment.

But don’t worry the edible hemp are grown in perfectly-intoxicated and clean soils.

Hemp is very strong. Therefore, they can be used to build buildings as it will prevent your home from cracks and holes. And, it is ideal for homes which are located in earthquake-prone areas.

Use of hemp can also be seen in fabric, plastics, ropes, and paper industries. The word “canvas” has come from the Latin word “cannabis”.


Now, from this topic, you can break your misconceptions about Organic Hemp Oil. The oil can be beneficial to most of the people of the world.

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