Skin Treatment Lasers must be Removed and recycled for Safe Ecosystem

Skin treatment with lasers has become a very popular option for men and women who want to eliminate the outermost skin layers in order to correct fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging. With the help of the special lasers, people can remove acne from their bodies and faces, eliminate blemishes and scars, say good bye to wrinkles, get rid of stretch marks and remove keloids and sun spots. So, there is no doubt that this procedure is very useful and the best part is that it doesn’t come with any side effects. But, when we say no side effects we mean no side effects for the patient. On the other hand, skin treatment lasers can bring negative effects to the ecosystem.

Some of you may be surprised to hear this because these lasers don’t look dangerous and they are not very big. However, the fact is that they are a serious threat to our planet’s ecosystem. A typical skin treatment laser is made of a few mirrors, sealed tube and a specific laser medium. The most dangerous part is the laser medium and different lasers use different mediums. Some of them contain liquid dyes, ruby, neon mixtures, helium, argon and several types of chemicals. This is a small, but complex device that must be taken seriously.


As previously mentioned, technology is evolving all the time and new models of skin treatment lasers are introduced on the market almost on a daily basis. Many facilities where such lasers are used decide to buy new, more efficient lasers. In addition, some of these facilities are practically forced to invest in new lasers because their old ones must be repaired and the repair cost is simply too high. The main question here is what happens to the old lasers.

Owners can either store them (which is not a very practical solution) or dispose them. The second option can be performed in different ways. One option is to leave them in a landfill. Today, this option is considered bad for the ecosystem and in some countries and states it is illegal to leave skin treatment lasers in landfills. The reason why this is forbidden is very simple, the chemicals found in lasers will start to leave the product after a while and reach the soil, air and water. In this way they will become a serious threat to the health of people and animals and have negative impact on the environment in general.


So, Skin Treatment Lasers must be Removed and recycled for Safe Ecosystem because this is the only way to do this. There are specialized Medical equipment Recycling companies that work in this industry and they know how to remove and recycle lasers without any problems. Most of them will come to the healthcare facility that uses these devices and collect them for free. When these special devices are in the recycling plant, the useful materials are extracted and prepared for reuse. This is the only eco-friendly procedure available today.

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