Role Of A Mouthwash In Maintaining Oral Hygiene


If you want to maintain your oral hygiene in the best way possible, you must use a reliable mouthwash regularly. Mouthwash also known as an oral rinse is nothing but a liquid product that is used by people for improving their oral hygiene as it helps in keeping the oral bacteria at bay.

Considering the fact that poor oral hygiene remains the most important reason for oral problems such as periodontal diseases, it becomes necessary for you to enhance the cleanliness of your mouth in order to stay away from such issues.

Most oral problems arise because of dental plaque which is nothing but a sticky substance that is formed on the teeth and contains bacteria. And once the bacterial buildups increase in your mouth it starts infecting the gums and the teeth. First of all the infection caused by oral bacteria starts harming the soft tissues of the gums and then it spreads over to other crucial parts of your mouth such as the bone supporting the teeth. Bacterial infection has the potential to damage the entire bone that holds the teeth together, and hence when it gets to this point the damage poses a direct threat to your teeth. In serious cases, you end up losing your teeth.

Uses of Mouthwash

If in case you do not have any sort of periodontal problems such as gingivitis (one of the earliest stages of the periodontal disease) and periodontists ( a very serious stage of periodontal disease), you can still use mouthwash in order to prevent yourself from getting these diseases in future. On the other hand, if you are suffering from gingivitis and periodontists the regular or continuous use of mouthwash can help in removing and reducing bacterial buildups within your mouth and can reduce gum inflammation. In addition to that, it also helps in reducing swollen and reddened gums and provide tremendous relief from irritation caused by the infection.

When it comes to using a mouthwash the process is quite simple, wherein all you have to remember is that you should only use it after brushing your teeth. However, make sure that you do not use a mouthwash immediately after brushing as it can wash away the important fluoride residue that is obtained by your mouth from the toothpaste. Hence, once you are done with brushing, wait for some time and then take approximately 20 ml of the liquid (mouthwash) and move it effectively for around 30-seconds within your mouth and then spit it. You can also gargle with mouthwash as it is more effective. This process repeated twice a day will help maintain high standards of oral hygiene.

Generally, mouthwashes can be defined as antiseptic solutions which are designed or developed for the reduction or minimization microbial load as far as oral cavity is concerned. In addition to that, there are a variety of mouthwashes which are actually used by the people for their anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory benefits.

On the other hand, some mouthwashes are used by the people in order to get rid of the bad smell, that comes due to oral bacteria or bacterial buildups within the mouth.

For best results, it’s better to keep the mouthwash within your mouth for a longer period say for one minute. That means it is important for your mouthwash to touch your teeth and gums for more than 30-seconds in order to kill the germs or bacteria that otherwise live happily in your mouth and eventually leads to oral infections.

PeriActive is one such mouthwash, that can prove to be really advantageous when it comes to slowing down gum inflammation and the pain and irritation caused by the infection.

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