5 common misconceptions and myths about Chemotherapy debunked


Chemotherapy is a common medical procedure that is being recommended to patients all over the world by qualified and experienced doctors. This is to provide treatment for various types of ailments. But still, patients are found to be concerned with regards to the usage of chemotherapy drugs including its side effects. With cost of chemotherapy in india being reasonable, patients can now lead a disease-free life.

About chemotherapy

It is used mainly for treating cancer, which is considered to be a dangerous and life threatening disease. It is impotent to diagnose this ailment on time, so as to avail correct and effective treatment. This is often delivered through targeted drug therapy, radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy.

Some common facts and myths about chemotherapy

  • Reproduction process after chemotherapy gets stopped in both women and men: It is undoubtedly among the worst facts still believed by people. This is rather things of the past and new advancements in medical technology have made it possible for couples to conceive successfully even after undergoing chemotherapy. Medical oncologists do their best to retain the patient’s fertility during chemotherapy. High risk women are prescribed few medications prior to administering chemotherapy drugs for suppressing ovarian function. Women and men, in other cases are recommended to have their eggs and sperms frozen in a bank before undertaking chemotherapy. However, it is not mandatory in all cases. After treatment, a good number of patients have been reported to conceive naturally.
  • Hair loss faced by cancer patients having undergone chemotherapy: It is not something true and not every drug administered triggers hair fall among patients. This is because different drugs tend to have different mechanisms for stopping tumour cell proliferation with regards to different cancers. It is only a handful that might cause hair thinning and not full hair loss. Oncologists these days are found to use chemotherapy drugs that are specific targeted medications. They are modified for targeting only the cancer cells and to spare the other dividing cells within the body. Patients who are identified for hair loss symptoms as the side effect of chemotherapy are recommended to avail scalp cooling after the chemo procedure. Blood flow to scalp is restricted for few hours. Hence, there is experienced less exposure of follicles to chemotherapy drugs which travel through blood.
  • Chemotherapy is advised only to treat cancers in worst case scenario: Chemotherapy drug usage tends to vary from person to person. They also form independent cancer treatment and for others is used along with radiotherapy. Still the cancer grade or stage does not mean it is the worst. Generally, chemo is done on the brain if the patient has to undergo surgical procedure to remove cancer. Chemo is administered for brain before surgery, to reduce tumour size. It helps the surgeons to easily eliminate the tumour instantly and fully while performing the surgery, after reduction of tumour size. It is also recommended to ensure that the patient’s condition remains stable. The oncologist evaluates the need for chemotherapy while coming up with the treatment plan. So, if the person has been recommended chemotherapy, this does not necessarily mean that his/her cancer is worse.
  • It is possible to avoid chemotherapy due to availability of various advanced treatment options: Although there are numerous treatment options for cancer available these days, chemotherapy drugs still are known to work wonders. It either stops the cancer cells from further development or destroys them. This principle to treat cancer is still not provided by any other medication.
  • Two side effects of chemotherapy are vomiting and nausea: These were considered to be the side effects of chemo sometime back and not as of now. With medical technology and modern medications, such issues have been successfully curbed. Patients are presently being prescribed with few medicines prior to chemo. Such medications are good enough to suppress the side effects of chemo like vomiting and nausea. Few patients might experience tiredness and fatigue after undergoing several chemo sessions. One common side effect is fatigue which accumulates over couple of sessions. After the patient has availed 5-6 chemo sessions, he/she might experience such side effects.

The cost of chemotherapy in india is quite affordable allowing cancer patients to get back to their normal lives.

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