A complete guide to High Blood Pressure

A complete guide to High Blood Pressure


High Blood Pressure which is also known as Hypertension is a leading problem in many countries, especially in Pakistan. The blood vessels, in this condition, become higher than the average level. Many people are even not aware that they are indulged in this ailment as it silently predicaments the person. According to the latest research, 81% of people are aware of this problem, 74% get the treatment, and only 52% accurately controls. The high blood pressure events promote cardiovascular actions which sometimes can lead to death. The occurrence of hypertension is common both in men and women as triple in men under age 45 and double in women under the same age.

Causes or symptoms of high blood pressure can be direct as well as indirect, which can affect the person in several ways. Many deaths are encountered in previous years because of blood pressure complications.

Despite the in-depth research and substantial accomplishments related to the treatment of blood pressure in Pakistan as enormous therapeutic choices to manage the blood pressure level is a challenge both on an individual level and on a national level. Special efforts are made to acknowledge people about blood pressure precautions, symptoms, but this is not enough to control Hypertension appropriately. The consultation of physicians contributes little as it is also not a satisfactory solution. Acute and proper treatment is fundamental to gain the substantial achievement. The detection, medication, and prevention of high blood pressure are essential to avoid dangerous effects on body and mind.

  1. Symptoms & Causes

Hypertension or High blood pressure can lead to various complications. Recently, almost every second person is affected by this problem, while not all of them are aware of it. Knowledge or awareness about this disease is fundamental so that you can take the precautions or treatment accordingly. Enormous causes contribute to developing Hypertension in people where the heart pumps the blood in a harder or faster way, which is dangerous for a body and mind.

Genetic issues, unhealthy diet, stress, anemia, age factor, smoking, and adrenal disorders are some main factors or causes which summons can disturb the blood circulation in the body resulting in Hypertension. One cannot diagnose or tackle it easily as it silently attacks and distresses the person’s health. The headache is the most prevailing sign among high blood pressure patients. Regular checkups and BP inspection are essential to know the blood pressure in the body. The heartbeat also becomes irregular when the blood pressure becomes high while chest pain, vision issues, fatigue and thrashing in different body parts are also the main symptoms that you must not avoid and seek the thoughtful treatment or remedies.


The diagnosis of high blood pressure can cause severe tension. The stressful routine coupled with bad eating habits increases the chances of prevailing this disease in humans even at an earlier age. Even the 30 years old people are diagnosed with this problem recently, and this is an alarming situation. Thus, after getting informed about it, proper treatment becomes extremely important. Prescription of different allopathic medicines or drugs to control the blood vessels is common as it is a prevailing expression that one can develop good control over Hypertension through them.

These antihypertensive or medicines are usually associated with side-effects, and here the Herbal medicines come to the surface as almost 80% of the population using them because of the safe and acceptable approach with zero side effects. Ajmal Herbs are presenting the best blood pressure medicines in Pakistan, high in quality, fulfilling all the safety standards while assuring the long-lasting results for hypertension patients. After a lot of research and efforts are put to discover the effective AjmalDawakhana best medicines for high blood pressure in Pakistan containing the hypertensive or antihypertensive properties. In-depth analysis by the professional is done to verify their results and effects on patients. Ajmaleen 54, ArqChobchini Ba NuskhaKalan and Dawa-ul-shifaAjamli purifies the blood and maintain blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Medicines in Pakistan

Moreover, ItrifalSharifi, MufarrehJameel, and Muffarreh Sheikh-ul-Rais are also really effective and best to decrease the antagonistic outcomes of Hypertension. Ant oxidative properties, ingredients, and vitamins are the essential elements that derive the beneficial impacts for BP patients. KhamiraAbreshamShiraUnnab, MajunChobchiniBanuskhaKalan and MajunNuqraKhas are excellent solutions that lower the catecholamine and BP level in the blood.

Among the best high blood pressure medicine in Pakistan, the effective, commonly used and highly recommended medicine is Ajmaleen 54 as it is testified to have more notable hypotensive consequences. It contains the diuretic and anti-inflammatory ingredients which can cure the blood pressure ailment very well. The muscle relaxation also increases by taking the right dose of these medicines while the vasodilatation can also be attained. Because of the quality manufacturing, deep scientific research and certifications, Ajmal herbs medicines come with powerful healing capabilities and which will show the results after the short period of consumption.

Preventions/Natural Remedies 

Effective treatment and high blood pressure remedies required to work together to prevent the hypertension damages. One can avoid its symptoms or negative impacts of no pharmacological remedies or recommendations. The natural resources are still beneficial even in the modern era to decrease the many diseases, including Hypertension as 80% of the population is still relying on them in developing countries. Many natural ingredients which have antihypertensive properties can be used to prevent high blood pressure. Moreover, home remedies also lower hypertension effects remarkably.

Some of the best high blood pressure remedies are as follows:

  • Cardamom

According to the latest research, the consumption of Cardamom in any form for few weeks ca remarkably reduces the BP because of its antagonist approach in this regard.

  • Hibiscus Tea

Notable blood pressure reductions occur by consuming 2 cups of hibiscus tea daily, which is rich in organic components, polyphenols, and explosive constituents.

  • Vitamins and anti-oxidants

The consumption of vitamins brings significant outcomes and recovery for hypertension patients. They must arrange their diet chart carefully while adding more and more fruits and those foods which are enriched with anti-oxidant properties, vitamins, and minerals. Beetroot juice and pomegranate juice are highly suggested.

  • Celery Seeds

Celery seeds work as vasodilator while containing the 3nB and other characteristics to calm the arteries which eventually manage the blood flow properly.

  • Physical Activities

The exercise, meditation, hypnosis, and other physical activities like this are also essential in lowering the blood pressure level. Stress and anxiety will also reduce, while the blood flow will remain regular. Your weight must also remain under control.

  • Conclusion

Save yourself from the dangerous outcomes of high blood pressure by taking precautions, recognizing symptoms, and utilizing reliable blood pressure medicines. AjmalDawakhana medicines can bring a huge difference for hypertension patients in less time.

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