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How Some Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries Fail


The best plastic surgeon in Virginia can help you in enhancing your appearance the way you want. You can find a recognized Virginia plastic surgeon who can achieve the desired results for you. However, you have to be aware of the fact that there are some risks and complications involved in breast augmentation, surgical facelift, and other cosmetic procedures. However, you can avoid these risks and complications by visiting the Best plastic surgeon in virginia. You might have read some stories of fatal blood clots during or after the surgery.

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Many celebrities have fallen victim to failed plastic surgeries. Many times this happens when the surgeon is not qualified and experienced enough. Apart from that, there are different options available to you when you are going for a facelift, breast augmentation or other enhancements. Sometimes, it happens when the procedure you are going for is not the right one for you. The choice of the procedure depends on your medical history, current health, and your preferences. Allergic reactions due to medications and post-surgery care can also lead to failure. Health, race, and age are other factors leading to good or bad results.

Following Are Ways Plastic Surgery Might Fail:

1. Bad Scarring:

How good or bad the post-surgery scar will be, it all depends on the experience and skills of the cosmetic surgeon. This is what patients believe. However, the post-surgery scar also depends on the race and genetics of the patient. This is what medical experts and plastic surgeons have to say. And, the same observations have been recorded in many surveys and studies. The healing and scarring will be different when the Best plastic surgeon in Virginia performs the same procedure on two different patients.

2. Infections

The risk of infection is less than 1%. Antibiotics can reduce the possibility of infections. However, the infection does occur. And sometimes it can be serious. Smoking is a risk factor. So are steroids. A patient can minimize the possibility of infection by following the post-surgery care. The risk of infection also depends on the length of the procedure.

3. Nerve Damage and Numbness

Nerve damage during the procedure especially when it is a facial nerve can lead to unexpected results. This may limit the facial expression. This can lead to drooping of the eyes and mouth.

4. The Wide Breast Gap

When the best plastic surgeon in Virginia is performing breast augmentation, the risk of wide breast gap is very low. Droopy breasts and widely gapped breast implants can be due to the surgeon’s mistake. However, sometimes this happens due to the wide breastbone.

5. Your Cigarette Habit

Oxygen content in your blood is low if you are a smoker. Even the best plastic surgeon in Virginia will refuse to perform the procedure if you are a smoker. This will lead to poor healing or necrosis.

6. Keeping The Surgeon Uninformed

The dietary supplements you are taking can also affect the results of the procedure. These supplements can react to anesthesia. And, some supplements can also thin the blood. This will increase the possibility of hemorrhaging. Over the counter stimulants and some diet pills can cause cardiac arrest. If you are not telling the Virginia plastic surgeon about the supplements and diet pills, you are making a big mistake. This mistake can be dangerous as well.

7. Not Checking The Credentials And Specialization

Just like any other surgical procedure, cosmetic plastic surgeries are performed by well-qualified and certified surgeons only. It is illegal to perform these surgeries without proper qualification and licensing. Cosmetic Surgeries like facelift and breast augmentation are complicated and intensive procedures. There is no room for error or negligence. Results can be disastrous and dangerous if the procedure is performed by an incapable surgeon. So, make sure that the surgeon is qualified, certified and experienced.

8. Unwanted Cellulite Or Fat Appearing After Liposuction

Some patients wrongly believe that after getting liposuction in some area of the body, fat from that area will move to some other area of the body. However, this has been proven wrong by surgeons and medical experts many times. Fat from the recipient area is not going to move to some other area. Fat cells in your stomach will remain in the stomach. Fat cells in your thighs will remain in your thighs. Same goes for the other parts of the body. However, if the patient has gained some pounds after liposuction, there is a growth of fat cells in areas that were not part of the procedure. There is a growth of fat cells, not a movement.

9. A Botch Primary Procedure Is Not fixed

Sometimes more than one procedure is performed in order to achieve the desired results. And, sometimes one of these procedures is botched and this can affect the results of the subsequent procedures. This will lead to more problems. This will result in both emotional and physical stress. Apart from that, this can also increase the cost of the next procedure. The surgeon will be performing the operation on scar tissues having an inadequate supply of blood. Therefore, it is important to fix issues due to the botched primary surgical procedure. Find an experienced plastic surgeon if something has gone wrong during the first procedure. Only experienced plastic surgeons can handle such cases. It is now an advanced reconstructive procedure, not some regular cosmetic procedure.

10. Plastic Surgery Is Not Cheap

Although the majority of cosmetic surgical procedures are not super pricey these are not super cheap as well. You might find some cheap alternative to these cosmetic surgical procedures. However, you are not going to achieve the desired results. It will be a big failure. If not now, you will notice the consequences in the near future. In the worst case scenario, this can be life-threatening as well. There are some surgeons cutting their fees in order to perform more cosmetic procedures and acquire more patients. Don’t visit a plastic surgeon that has dramatically reduced the cost of some cosmetic surgery. This is a red flag. The budget is important but not more important than choosing the best plastic surgeon in Virginia.


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