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Invitro fertilization: Know the advantages


There are many couples all over the world who even after several years of marriage are finding it difficult to conceive their child. There may arise infertility issues in any of the partner, be it the husband or the wife. It is a wrong notion that it is only the female partner who is not able to get pregnant. According to the health experts, infertility issues suffered by any of the partner are likely to become a major hurdle towards conceiving a biological baby. Fortunately, the introduction of advanced technology has made it possible for such couples to enjoy availing IVF (Invitro Fertilization) procedure to conceive their own babies. This particular remedy has proven to be a boon for the millions who now are able to enjoy its numerous benefits. They can contact the Best IVF Hospital in India to get their issues diagnosed and to seek the most appropriate remedy.

What is IVF all about?

IVF is considered to be a procedure involving assisted reproduction to help couples suffering from fertility issues and not able to conceive a child. A special medication is provided to the female partner for ovary stimulation, thereby leading to enhanced egg production. Such eggs are harvested surgically after they ripen. Then from male partner is taken sperms, which gets combined in the lab with the eggs of the female partner. It is the lab setting that the embryos are allowed to grow for about 3-5 days. The viable embryos are implanted onto the uterus of the woman. After a week, the conducts a pregnancy test to check the progress results of the implanted embryos. Pregnancy can be expected during the very first cycle or depending upon 30% average success rate. For the IVF to achieve success and for pregnancy to take place, there might be required more than a single cycle.

Benefits derived

  • Women suffering from blocked fallopian tubes do have good chances to get IVF treatment.
  • Infertility might arise due to various reasons. IVF for certain infertility types can boost pregnancy chances.
  • Sperm that is weak enough to fertilize naturally the egg responds better to IVF procedures.
  • Men suffering from low sperm count can benefit from IVF.
  • Infertile couples are provided by IVF with the option to select donor eggs, where problems arise with the female partner’s eggs and premature ovarian failure.
  • With the created embryos, there is no need for the sperm to locate its way within the reproductive tract of the woman.
  • There are two options offered by such assisted reproduction procedure, with one being implantation of the embryo in the woman’s uterus or the donor’s womb.
  • Eggs are used by the surrogate IVF from donor, while embryos are created with the partner’s sperm in the lab setting.
  • Chromosomes in the embryo are tested by the doctors prior to continuing with the entire IVF procedure.
  • Eggs or embryos can be checked through IVF for any kind of genetic abnormalities.

Things to understand

The health experts however, opine that conducting IVF procedure does not actually guarantee 100% pregnancy. Rather, it boosts the chances and has become the method of choice for millions all over the world. There have been successful stories of couples who have been able to conceive this artificial way and have brought joy to their families. Again, the selection of the doctor and the facility is of great importance to make this treatment procedure a grand success.

However with age, the chances of success decrease tremendously. Hence, medical experts recommend IVF before 35-40 ages. There have also been surprising reports of women being on their brink of menopause to get pregnant on availing IVF treatment from the best IVF hospital in India. But this is rather not the recommended age. The much younger the woman is, more are likely to be enjoyed the chances of success. Although this procedure is surrounded by some religious, moral and ethical debate, there is no denying this fact that childless couples can once again dream of having their own biological child and become parents like the others. This procedure is completely safe and the number of couples availing it is only increasing with numbers with each passing year.

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