IVF Treatments: Some essential things to know


Infertility issues are fast becoming a major problem among couples all over the world and they do face problems in conceiving a child. These days, people in huge numbers do rely upon advanced medical technique known as IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. The major reason for infertility issues to take place is among couples who plan to have children at very late age. There is also noticed very high incidence of STD (sexually transmitted diseases). But before trying to avail IVF treatment, it will be useful for the couple to know about the different procedures involved and be well prepared for all outcomes.

Some things to know pertaining to IVF treatment

  • Fertility drop faced among women: With the woman crossing 35 years of age, there is witnessed sharp drop in her fertility, in terms of egg quality and numbers produced. There is conducted AMH, a blood test to identify the egg numbers produced by the woman, although the report does not disclose about its quality.
  • IVF success rate: Several factors tend to determine IVF success rate that might again vary from one couple to the other. The factors may include lifestyle, age and infertility cause in a specific couple. Those under the age of 30 do have 50% more success than those over 40 years with 20%. However, with advancements in medical technology, things are brightening up in this field.
  • Need for quick action: If infertility issue is suspected, couples are advice not to delay in consulting the Best IVF Doctors In Chennai. If couples under the age of 35 fail to conceive even after trying for 12 months, then it becomes important to visit the specialist. But those over the age of 40 should consult the specialist just after 6 months and delay no further.
  • Reduced fertility experienced by men: Men also experienced reduced fertility rate similar to women as they age. Although men produce sperm, its quality starts to deteriorate, while they enter the 40s. This can lead to issues associated with infertility. Moreover, sperms produced in older men tend to lack in quantity and motility. They also are prone to facing DNA damage, thereby leading to their offspring facing birth defects.
  • Freezing eggs at much younger age: Prior to crossing 35 years of age, women who want to have babies in the future should plan to get their eggs frozen. These can be used for first as well as subsequent pregnancies, since these eggs do provide them with enhanced IVF success chances.
  • IVF procedure does costs very high on emotional and financial factors: IVF process is not only found to be taxing, but also takes a tool on the person’s emotional and physical health. Symptoms may be experienced like headaches, mood swings and fatigue along with the stress that is noticed when waiting to check the outcome.
  • IVF treatment risks: Although considered to be a safe process, approximately 1 percent of all patients are prone to be affected with Ovulation Hyperstimulation Syndrome, a health condition. This means, excess eggs has been produced by the woman after getting hormone treatment. But such risks have been minimized with the use of low drug dosages.
  • IVF treatment timing: Keeping in mind the women’s cycle, availing treatment at proper time does play a significant role in the IVF treatment success. Moreover, pregnancy test is to be conducted just two weeks after transfer of embryo to the womb.
  • Single cycle used to fulfill entire family needs: Advancements made in medical science ensures entire family completion in single cycle. The first child can now be derived in a cycle, while enjoy frozen embryos for subsequent pregnancies that can be used later on.
  • Unsure success: Although IVF has managed to revolutionize fertility treatments, there are however no guarantees of the couple not facing other unexpected issues. The couples having faced failure with their repeated attempts might need to be contented with the undesirable outcome. Counseling can help to cope up with reality.

Discussing with the top IVF specialist can help the couple to know if IVF procedure is meant for them or not. Since a good number of couples have enjoyed the best outcomes, checking with the professionals will be the right step taken to having a child.

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